Northstar Vale I'm first and fierce if I'm in sight of
December 04, 2019, 02:40 PM
for the first time in nearly a week, but what feels like eons, the haze of sickness feels bearable. she can not bear staying in her hollow any longer, and so gathers her strength through much of the morning until she trusts her limbs to take her out into the sunlit clearing. 

light sparkles off the snow, and a few odd flakes drift down from above. unwilling to disturb the expanse of undisturbed white, she peers up at the sky instead. the blue is destined not to last, for already clouds begin to push at the horizon. settling down, the short distance from her hollow to here almost exhausting in her current state, she resigns herself, for now, to boredom. 
December 04, 2019, 03:24 PM
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Upon Andraste's request, Phex had found the best healing herbs she could for her. Being the Undómiel​ must be hard and she understood that. She was the Ménasurië​ and understood she was a scout, but it helped to be a botanist on the side. She knew what plants were vital to survive the winter with her training from home, Mor, and Shadewood Keep. 
She didn't know why she kept thinking of her birthplace as home. It was just easier.

But either way, Phex was always distracted and her thoughts wandered so much, she didn't realise what she was doing. She'd arrived at the den with the sick youth, just as Andraste wanted to ensure she had what she needed in one place. Phex suspected this would be some sort of sick-bay.
There were some things, but enough.

She placed the wrap down, grinning at the seemingly perkier youth. "Ever seen snow before?"