Ocean's Breath Plateau they've let him stand till midsummer's day
Pack Formation  April 01, 2021, 02:03 PM
Oceans Breath Plateau
the weather had made a marked shift in the right direction. the sun was out, and the air was mild. most of the snow was gone, and what remained was slowly but surely melting.

he lay on his back upon a patch of tall (albeit dead) grass that at least somewhat spared him from the mud. he looked at the nearly cloudless sky, legs dangling in the air. he rolled in the yellow-brown vegetation like a child, enjoying the feel of cool but not cold on his back and the earthy aroma that rose up around him.

and then aditya rolled to his side, clambered upright, and shook out his pelt. tongue lolling, he broke into an even lope, headed down one of the small, undulating hills that marked the plateau.

spring had sprung, and so had his mood. he always was happier when the seasons changed for the better.