Deepwood Weald but i still wanted to dance
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Lone Wolves

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The trees here were tall, at least, and helped obscure his skyline as he loped onward--away, mostly, reaching for distance. Away from the mountain of course, and further from the damn caldera too. The smaller ring of peaks was offered a small glimpse, maybe a pang of ache in a different shade than all the rest. He hoped @Keyni's call to the place had served her well since he had taken off to the southern wilderness. But now, despite anything else, he continued on to the cover of the familiar weald. There, Antares moved slower now as the forests thickened around him, since catching his breath some wouldn't hurt as well. It was starting to smell like rain to come, too.

He had originally said he was going to the sea, hopefully. Just real quick, so his heading had aimed off that way. After formally setting aside the glen, then tracking @Vallkyrie who had tracked Bronco, he just.. liked to think he needed a moment to clear his cluttered head, hopefully breath again so he gave into that impulse to run for now, so long as he had some small semblance of a destination still.
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Lone Wolves

a host of crows scattered聽up from their perches in a frenzied rush聽as a more-than-audible yelp escapes聽the girl, followed by a thrush of rustling from within the forest bramble. she is caught in a rather embarassing position; one half of her body inserted fully into a bush and the remaining half, stuck fully free聽of the tangled mess. had she known the inner layers enclosed a nest of thorns, she would neglected to enter its lair. alas, her paw was extended from her body, pierced by the thorns which dug slowly into the soft between her pads every time she attempted to free herself.聽

a slight whimper of pain escapes the yearling, but is followed soon after by a furious growl -- indicative of the incredibly inconvenient situation she had landed herself in. "fuck."聽manages to slip past her tongue.聽her eyes cast to the bundle of herbs that rest a mere foot away, knowing that if she ripped her paw out she could at least treat it immediately. the trouble was, removing her paw from the trap without inflicting further damage.
May 11, 2021, 09:34 PM
Lone Wolves

When he set aside everything except for what he could drink in here and now, he cruised along lighter. Crows raising a ruckus from a swath of woods nearby did warrant a good glance, him following them skyward with the commotion then staring into the woods in the direction they had lifted from. It was still generally enough in the way he was going. He sniffed thoughtfully, and with the momentum already accrued, he made his way closer to the source--or so he intended.

Ghosting along nose first, he came to the bramble before he found the wolf, and started to veer wide when he noticed the first hints of the situation. With a squint, he closed in more, and confirmed that he did not recognize this wolf, or any of the scents associated with her. Not well enough yet, anyway. He supposed that could be a good thing, too. He hoped he smelled of nothing in particular, too.

Antares let his presence be known, yet still maintained some length of distance.. at least until he could gauge the stranger better. Bad time? he asked, head tilted subtly while still stepping closer with a critical eye.