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All Welcome  May 04, 2021, 10:29 PM
Lone Wolves

Setting: Night 鈥 21:45
Weather: Light breeze, clear skies, misty/foggy

Forward dated about 5 days

Pandora moves further through these new lands. Her white coat glows beautifully in the moonlight and her full tail swishes behind her like a cats. She鈥檚 confident in her steps and carries onward as if she has not a worry or fear in the world. She looks like a ghost amongst the trees, like she鈥檚 hardly there beneath the moonlight 鈥 ethereal.聽

Any who stumbled on her would swear she鈥檚 a ghost before being required to do a double take. Especially with how smooth she moves over miscellaneous plant roots, bushes, and other shrubbery. Until she stops before one particular push. A raspberry bush. She already knows what it is and she smiles softly even though her bright red eyes seem anything but innocent. Pandora plucks a few off and eats them, moving on.聽

Then just a little ways ahead, something gleams off of the bark of a tree and it has her tilting her head like a fox listening beneath the snow for prey. She smiles once more and her glutinous self plants her front paws on the tree and stretches her small form to lick up the tasty聽sap that leaks from the tree. Smacking her small fox-like muzzle a few times to taste it further before her pink tongue lapping at her jaws enticingly. She rather enjoys the stuff and for the next few聽minutes she could be seen shamelessly聽licking the sap from trees.
May 10, 2021, 04:47 PM
It was another sleepless night, the shifting scents and changes around the territory only serving to bring thoughts of her lost triplets to the shaman as motherhood claimed Tzila and Lane. Instead of wandering the Glacier, however, Imaq felt the desire to escape聽from Wintersbane's familiar lands -- if only for the night. She found her steps leading her away to the forest where the blue bunting had first hunted with her, as if the cur were an equal in his glacial gaze, where they had failed miserably and shared the sap of maples instead to cement her alliance to the Duskfire he-wolf.聽

A smile graced the woman's softened features to find another wandering in the moonlight, lapping at the sweet syrup bleeding from the trunks as Imaq had done before. She greeted the winterwhite with a soft noise, waiting with bated breath on raised tiptoes like a bird awaiting flight聽-- ready to run if the other proved to be unfriendly towards canids such as the she-dog.聽

"...and all around was the bitter arctic cold and the immense silence of the North..."
May 11, 2021, 02:06 PM
Lone Wolves

Pandora licks at her lips after she鈥檚 done indulging in another聽pearl of the dripping sap. She鈥檚 so invested in the sweet tasting stuff that she doesn鈥檛 even hear the approach of the other female only a little ways away. She smiles to herself, paws still perched up on the tree when a chuff makes its way to her ears. She startles, large eats swiveling backwards in a quick moment of panic. Her head snaps in the direction of the noise to see the most peculiar looking animal staring back at her.聽

She drops from the tree and stares back. They look soft like cloud, distinctly feminine and cute. Pandora tilts her head and a smile comes to her face, the dim light of the moon gleaming off of her ruby irises. Her thick pelt is painted a sickly blue, splotchy where the moon beams light through the canopy of trees ahead.聽

This canid聽looking creature doesn鈥檛 actually look like anything she鈥檚 ever seen before. She鈥檚 heard of those that go by the name of dog and not wolf;聽heard they looked like this. So this must be one. She鈥檚 horribly interested and she trots languidly over, that same smile still on her face. Though it鈥檚 not malicious, it is usually always sly. This time it鈥檚 more interested than sly though. She wants a closer look!

鈥淪o pretty.鈥 She hums as she looks to her new company. Using her nose to scent the air and releases that this wolf-dog thing is indeed a female. Her full tail swishes聽behind her. 鈥淚鈥檓 Pandora. What鈥檚 your name, girlie?鈥 She introduces herself聽evenly, her voice soft and easy as she asks for the others own name.