Profile of Kove: Quick Facts

Kara β™₯
Blackfeather Woods
Dark Master

Basic Info
Full Name: Kove Apaata
Pronunciation: /kōv/ · /ÀˈpāˈtÀ/
Subspecies: 50% Arctic wolf x 50% Eastern Timber wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6 (March 12th, 2011)
Birthplace: Tongass National Forest, Alaska Panhandle, Alaska
At A Glance
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Profile of Kove: Details
Human Counterpart and Voice
Jay Ryan as Vincent Keller

Height: 33 in (84 cm) – Weight: 170 lbs (77 kg) – Length: 60 in (152 cm)

β†’ Thick, alabaster coat; homage to his arctic lineage
β†’ Sturdy build with long legs
β†’ Copper eyes
β†’ Crimson paw print on his left shoulder; a mark of his loyalty to the Brotherhood
ISFJ; The Defender β€” True Neutral β€” The Investigator

Pride, Wrath β€” Temperance, Diligence
Temperament: Choleric β€” Intelligence: Linguistic
Pack History
Family Tree: Paternal

Parents: Tonraq Apaata† β™‚ x Lena Dorn† ♀
Littermates: Niklas Apaata β™‚
Mate: – (formerly: Scarlett Silverpeak† ♀, Nemesis Blackfeather ♀)
Children: Alexander Apaata β™‚, Sesi Apaata ♀, Nanook Apaata ♀, Desna Apaata ♀ (June 18th, 2015; to Scarlett)
Atshen Apaata† β™‚, Keelut Apaata β™‚, Astrid Apaata ♀, Abraxas Apaata β™‚ (August 10th, 2016; to Nemesis)

Primarily in-game relations are listed. Consult his family tree for more information.
TakKik KunnΓ’k: - Nutagak, ↑ Sugusik, ↑ Nukappiak, ↑ Angutik
Lone Wolf: Left Moonlit; began wandering
Blackfeather Woods: - Pi, ↑ Mu, ↑ Lambda, ↑ Theta, ↑ Epsilon, ↑ Gamma, ↓ Zeta, ↑ Epsilon, ↑ Gamma
Lone Wolf: Left Blackfeather in order to found Bearclaw
Bearclaw Valley: - Alpha, ↓ Theta, ↑ Gamma, ↑ Alpha, ↓ Theta, ↑ Delta, ↑ Gamma
Lone Wolf: Bearclaw disbanded; left for Blackfeather
Blackfeather Woods: - Mu, ↑ Kappa, ↑ Theta, ↑ Eta, ↑ Zeta
Dark Brotherhood: - Zeta, ↑ Epsilon, ↑ Delta
Blackfeather Woods: - Conjurer, ↑ Listener, ↑ Dark Master
Profile of Kove: Additional Information
Kove is fluent in the Inuit language of Inuttut, and may use it without realizing during times of great stress or anger. Otherwise, it is often used only with family and close friends, or others that he may have heard speaking in it prior.
English to Inuttut Dictionary – Inuttut to English Dictionary
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