Profile of Potema: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Potema Vaermina Melonii
Subspecies: 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf x 50% Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (12/15/14)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
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Potema is currently away. Reason: College
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Profile of Potema: Details

Taking after her father and his Northern lineage, Potema is stark-white, almost silver in the sunlight. But a dark gray, almost black toned color is sprinkled on her like ash, from the nape of her neck, past her shoulders, almost nearing her tail. She inherited blue eyes from her mother, but it is a lighter tone, perhaps from her father's glowing white eyes. She is the smallest of the living pups, though not the runt of the litter, with the graceful, curvy form of Meldresi. As her training continues, her form has hardened, with lithe muscles replacing whatever baby fat remained on her, though barely taking away from her naturally curveous figure. Her northern heritage gives her extra fur in the colder times, especially around her neck and shoulders, creating a thick mantle.

As of this thread, Potema has lost sight in her left eye. A long, deep scar, accompanied by smaller and shallower scars, tears from her cheek to her forehead, through her eye. When it fully heals, her eye will be torn, and stark white as opposed to her blue right eye.

As the first litter of pups to be born and raised to adulthood in Blackfeather, Potema, alongside her brothers received spider-shaped scars on their left shoulders.

When she returned from her training, Potema has red dye in the form of blood dripping from her blind eye down onto her cheek . Her paws are stained in a myriad of colors from her constant use of herbs and dyes.
Soon after entering Teekon Wilds she was attacked by a hungry lone wolf who was after the pelvic bone of Meldresi, a sacred artifact that Potema returned with. The encounter left her with small bitemarks on her scruff and a now healed tear in her right cheek.

When she was promoted to Listener, she was given the red pawprint of a Dark Sister alongside her brothers. Despite being demoted, she still wears it as she is still a member of the Dark Brotherhood.

Potema has a high respect and fear for the magical world and those who practice it. She is sensitive to "magic" and is wary of those who also display this sensitivity, considering them potential rivals or allies. She is also highly defensive of magical items and symbols and becomes violent if she considers them threatened.

Soon after the removal of her eye, Potema has experienced what she (and others) call Sights, which are out of body experiences as well as dreams in which she can see events that have happened, will happen, or might happen (this is out of her interpretation of the visions she experiences). Sights when she is conscious are less informative and substantial than those that occur in her sleep. During her training, Potema has learned to control it and use it at will.

After being sexually assaulted and impregnanted by her brother Cicero, Potema has become visibly embittered by life in Blackfeather Woods. She despises most of her family; Damien for abandoning them, Cicero for raping her, her latest litter for being a physical reminder of that event, her son Vaati for forcing her to keep the deformed children alive, and her son Ganon for betraying them. She has taken to poppy seeds, but her overuse has depleted the stores in Blackfeather Woods. She endured weeks of withdrawal and, if given the chance, would return to taking poppy seeds.
Born to Moon Bane Blackfeather (Keithen Borealem) and Meldresi Melonii of Blackfeather Woods, the third of the living pups, and the fourth of all the pups born, Potema showed a love for magic and herbs from the start.

Potema developed a hatred with Grimnir after he growled at her during a pack meeting. The two, as well as Potema's family, remained tense with each other until the tension finally culminated into a full blown confrontation between Grimnir and Potema, leaving Potema blind in her left eye, but with Grimnir unsuspected thanks to Potema's amnesia following the events.

Following her mother's last wishes, Potema sets off to a coven of witches and priests of the Dread Lord and Night Mother, known as Hag Fen, to the south to continue her training. After nearly 5 months of training, Potema travelled to Teekon Wilds with her bodyguard and friend and lover Inigo, though as they travelled through the Hinterlands, Inigo mysteriously disappears. Potema assumed that he has returned to Hag Fen and continued on her way to Teekon Wilds, rejoining her family in Blackfeather Woods, becoming Listener of the newly formed Dark Council.

During her first heat in 2016, Potema mates with multiple males and becomes pregnant. She gives birth to four pups on the Winter Solstice, keeping their parentage a mystery to all, even them.

Prior to her second heat, she was accosted by her brother Cicero, under the personality of Sheogorath. During her second heat in 2017, she was chased and then raped by Sheogorath. She bore his children on October 13th, 2017. The circumstances of the birth, as well as their deformities, was a breaking point for Potema. Her mind is unstable, both from the birth and her abuse of poppy seeds.
Pack History

Mother: Meldresi Melonii
Biological Father: Moon Bane (Keithen Borealem)
Step-Father: Burke Sebastian Rochester
Uncle: Miraak Melonii

Through Bane:
Cicero Sheogorath Melonii
Damien Mehrunes Melonii
Through Burke:
Pietro Hircine Rochester
Kendra Boethiah Rochester

Former Bodyguard: Inigo Antonio Montoya Gómez

2016 litter (multiple males): Vaati Clavicus, Koume Azura, Kotake Nocturnal, Ganondorf Molag
2017 litter (Cicero): Euron Jyggalag, Maegi Peryite, Ramsay Malacath

Puppy (12/15/14 - 9/27/15)
Zeta (9/27/15 - 12/9/15)

LONE WOLF (Acolyte of Hag Fen) (12/9/15 - 3/21/16)

BLACKFEATHER WOODS - Iota (3/21/16 - 6/26/16)
Listener - Necromancer (6/26/16 - Present)
Profile of Potema: Additional Information
Potema will occasionally speak Daedric (actually Valyrian) for spells, rituals and other magical purposes (or if she's really mad).
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