Profile of Whrist: Quick Facts
Basic Info
Full Name: Whrist
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.8 (May 2019)
Birthplace: north american wilds
At A Glance
She was born on the darkest hour of a cold deep dark stormy night. She alone of her whole litter was black, the rest were white

From nose tip to tail tip she is pure black not a single hair of her long thick coat holds any other pigment beyond coal black. Though her body is as black as the night she was born, She never lost her pup coloured eyes, in-fact rather then darken like all of her siblings hers only seemed to lighten with age.
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Profile of Whrist: Details
Large but lean female, on the cusp of adulthood loosing her adolescent shape for a more stocky feminine one

Solid black no flaws or break in color
White blue eyes the lightest blue eyes can be naturally.

height 28 inches
weight lean at 85 pounds (good weight well be 110)
She is very aloof and holds great disdain for anything and everything not hers or her.
Pack History
none she has disowned them all up to this point. Possibly caused the demise of some or none or all.
left home and has been alone since
Profile of Whrist: Additional Information
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