Blackfeather Woods they rise and vanish in oblivious host,
All Welcome  January 05, 2018, 07:12 PM
Blackfeather Woods
aw but @Vaati preferred. set for tomorrow's dawn in wispmother grotto

the stone had not left her, but not quite a day had it been with the evoker.
        relmyna lay in the cold grotto, its ethereal tendency undiminished by the cold of the snowfall — she had come slowly to recognize the power of blackfeather wood. still, nothing had spoken to her so clearly as the temple, but the woman knew she must sleep. her den was yet to be dug, or found; she slept in what shelter she could, or in mephala's web below the packlands.
        rumours of conflict had intensified, or perhaps they always had, and she was just now listening. relmyna shifted her forepaws until they laid comfortably on either side of the clear rock, and lowered her chin to the earth until her lips were just pressing its surface. the frozen patterns flickered — her doubt as to its magick had all but died. i am tired, night mother, relmyna murmured inside her head to the listening ones, faltering somewhat on the title. she supposed she still felt like she should not say such things, that her half-memory and ruined face made her a poor candidate for their whispering.
        and perhaps, still, they did. perhaps they saw in her something she could not. sighing out the last of her hesitation into the glasslike surface, the patchwork wolfess allowed her eyes to unfocus as early light filtered green-gray through the grotto, small flakes of snow falling gently onto her pale fur.

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