Whitefish River he's a real nowhere man
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Lone Wolves

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the wilds were a little warmer, these past several days. relishing the opportunity to stretch his legs without freezing to death, aditya spent a lot of time wandering about, leaving the territory for short treks to see what he could see.

he liked to observe the course of the river that meandered around blacktail deer plateau, continuing its course to the rapids and, eventually, to the vast lake to the south. it was half frozen, though the water was swift enough that there was constant movement, even in the dead of winter. the fishing wasn't as plentiful as he imagined it would be in the spring and summer, but he still saw silver shapes here and there, darting through the current.

life went on, despite the chill. the deer still moved, rabbits still poked their heads out of holes. and wolves still thrived on the plateau. indeed, morningside's ranks were full; they were a strong pack in the dead of winter, so different compared to the tiny little bands he had been a part of over the years.

aditya worried often about an upheaval, some catastrophic event that would leave this life he'd built for himself in ruin. the war to the south scared him. and so, he sat here at the banks of the river, his face contemplative, eyes intermittently darting from the river up to the horizon, toward the lake.

he feared every day they'd be dragged into hell.