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This thread is backdated to the night of February 11th and will serve as the beginning of their journey home. Please limit it to one post per character—this thread is not meant to be a meeting of any sort, more so just a reference. @Vaati @Astrid @Potema @Aries @Relmyna @Rouge @Maevra @Koume @Iliksis @Ithrik @Shivali (Tagging for visibility: @Cicero @Euron @Maegi @Ramsay)

Their time of waiting was over. With bodies on the mend and prides no longer as shaken, it was made clear that the time to return home was now. Perhaps he was impatient—each day that they were away, he worried more about their home and the artifacts left behind there. There were plenty of reasons to stay away, whether that be for a longer period of time or permanently, but he knew that there was no way for him to do so; he suspected that the same could be said for others, though their reasons all surely differed.

When the sun had set and the shadows surrounded them, a low, melodic howl swept through the bypass before the long journey home began, a phantom at the lead: it’s time.

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