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All Welcome  December 07, 2018, 11:11 PM
Dragoncrest Cliffs
Any Drageda folks wanna do a quick walk with Ephraim for merc, scout or naturalist?

Down the winding towpath to the sea went Ephraim, buffeted every step of the way by powerful gusts. The sky's ink black appearance was an ominous portent, but the naturalist in him calculated that it would be at least an hour before rain hit. That was plenty of time to quickly scour the cove beneath Dragoncrest Cliffs and ensure they were still empty. With the nagging familiarity of the beach and its proximity to blame, Ephraim felt prickly about anyone lingering there ever since finding Eurycrates. There was no reason to believe it was a popular destination for travelers, but all the same, he felt a need to check it now and again.

The scents of other Dragedakru criss-crossed the sand and put him at ease while he plodded along at the base of the cliffs with his ears erect and his sharp eyes searching. The strand seemed as deserted as ever. He didn't know about the bear that Drageda had faced here previously or he might have walked with more caution; he was still just a young fool, though, and felt himself invincible. Part of him knew better after his time in Trigeda, but that being mauled by a bear could possibly happen to him was no concern of his.

Thunder boomed in the distance, drawing his gaze to the sky with a quick snap of his head.

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