Northstar Vale the shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn.
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Lone Wolves

The mountain range rose as an impenetrable fortress upon first glance. The way they towered above all other objects in his periphery was impressive but he knew to find what he sought, he'd have to keep moving despite the obstacle. The feeling that Yellowbelly had (of needing to get away) had faded from his mind entirely by now — he had no recollection of the pleasure he'd wrought from the willing shadow nor the turmoil of fighting the ginger woman. He was utterly at peace with his journey.

Something about the mountains called to him though. It was a feeling deep in his bones, perhaps even beyond the physical and closer to something ephemeral — as if he belonged in their higher reaches. As if his search would only end when he had found the highest peak, or the perfect view of the stars overhead. With this thought in mind he looked skyward and winced against the spring sunlight; but he was making excellent time, and did not feel tired in the slightest.

As the ridge cut away and he was forced to press himself awkwardly against the soil to prevent himself from tumbling down the steep inclines, Yellowbelly slowly reached a point where the plateau leveled out. The vale was familiar to him, he realized. He knew these paths — had run them before, surely — yet there were no familiar faces to be found. The boy roamed to the lowest point within the sprawling vista, and felt as if something was wrong — no, something was missing.
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Lone Wolves

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he was enjoying his time in the mountains. it was the most relaxed and liberated he'd felt in a long while, even considering the time among his family (when things had been well, at least). the uneasiness between himself and dawn was beginning to fade, replaced by the kind of friendship they'd enjoyed once before. still a ways to go, but. . .progress.

aditya was curious about the vale, though. the border markers pointed to a group settling here, but he'd yet to stumble upon anyone on a patrol or out hunting. where were they hiding?

he thought he found an answer when he spotted the grayscale man ahead, but he, too, seemed to be looking around as if a visitor here, rather than one who claimed it. adi chuffed to him, padding up with a friendly albeit puzzled expression.

arrey bhai, where is everyone? he asked, a chuckle in his voice. i smell them around, but you're the first i've seen.
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Though Arrow Lake now prospered with new life, the argent male was determined to scour the rest of these mountains himself which he, quite literally, had fallen short of. The trek to the Vale was easy enough -- being spire-born had it's evident perks -- but when he chanced upon it, it smelt of a settlement. Yet... there seemed to be not a trace of pack-belonged wolves, yet, as far as he could tell.

He let his mind linger over his sister's recent, brooding nature for another moment, knowing she would be fine; another moment had him mulling over Stigmata, and where the ever-loving hells the basilisk had slithered off to. His gaze was considering, for perhaps he could manage to serve the iron-clad in some way.

But in the next, he was jaunting his way on over to not one, but two handsome males spotted some ways away. "Who knows? For all we know, this one," a wry nod to the first speaker, "has frightened them all away. A shame, perhaps?" Smiling ever-impishly, Vonn let his gaze flicker between either male; one burnished, one muted. "Do either of you know much of this Vale?"

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Lone Wolves

-- where is everyone? called an unfamiliar but pleasing voice, and he turned to see the approaching stranger with his familiar agouti coat; he was not familiar but something about the mottled composition of his fur struck a chord and Yellowbelly felt something stir in his fluttering chest. Yet the more they spoke the more that feeling waned, and he had to assume they were as alien to him as everyone else. Soon after that he spotted a pale figure approaching and assumed they were together; different compositions but potentially travel buddies, and while the ghostly figure drifted closer Yellowbelly resumed his observations.

The valley depths danced around him in the spring light, and eventually he shook his head to the queries, defeated. I am not sure. There are markings here, like someone is settled -- but if they are here, they don't seem to want my company at least.

Then the pale wolf interjected - casually claiming that his friend was the one to frighten off the claimants, which drew Yellowbelly's attention and caused him to frown at the two of them. Was that a joke? He couldn't really tell - the ghost sounded smug. He wasn't sure how he felt about that; then again, maybe it was his own doing - perhaps in another life Yellowbelly had done something to warrant being abandoned in a place that screamed with familiarity. I think I... might've lived here once. A long time ago.

He was still frowning as he watched the trees and glorious open sky, but went quiet  with this admittance.