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A strange sense of dread had begun to enfold Lily, lately. Two moons had passed since her children were born, and they were all but weaned—well, save Cam, who for some reason stubbornly insisted on milk. She was mostly good about denying him, though sometimes she caved. . .he was just so averse to red meat! It was a struggle within a series of much larger problems, and they were all coming down at once, like summer lightning.

Weary, she sought out @Khali, zig-zagging through the trees with meandering steps. She needed him more than anyone else right now. More than anything else. The pups were in the care of someone or another; they had really taken to the other two mothers, fascinated by their younger broods. Lily would never deny them playmates, but oh. . .

They were growing much too fast. Soon they would no longer need her, and then—and then what?

It hurt, to see it. As proud as she was, she was in equal measure terrified. The world was big and beautiful, but also cruel beyond belief. She couldn't protect them for very much longer; they'd be exposed to all horrors soon, and there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing but prepare them as best as possible to survive. And what was the good of that? To put so much time and energy and love into little souls, only to send them to their deaths?

Lily crooned low for her mate, her voice mournful, and settled near the bank of the little minnow stream. She watched the fish dart back and forth, and thought of the pup named for them—missing, inexplicably. Gone.

When would her children share the same fate?