Broken Antler Fen as the sun burns
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Saints Of The Dying Light
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though at first praimfaya thought nothing of her father's absence — for he was an adult and capable of coming and going when he felt like it — his prolonged absence from roangeda, in light of the rusalkan crone still at large, sits uneasily with her. normally, he is not gone for so long. she casts a forlorn look at the horizon, at the vast and yawning stretch of no-man's-land that eventually gives way to lake rodney. he has been gone for a week now and she paces the borders with renewed vigor and hope that she might see his scarred visage melting into view.

yet, he does not appear.

never before has he been gone so long from her and she tries not to let the worry eat her ...but it does. her father had kept her grounded in the aftermath of blodreina's death. he'd followed her when she'd taken flight from diaspora to the place her mother had wanted to call their home. soon, she tells herself. if he does not come home soon, i will go look for him. for now she must be satisfied with patrolling roangeda's borders and hoping that he comes home.

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━─┄ what becomes of
the commander of death?