Emberwood I'll shine for you.
All Welcome  November 14, 2019, 06:27 PM
Reneian Empire
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Open to anyone from UG who wants to help with scouting/hunting in the Emberwood, or sub-territory discovery!

When she finally stopped for a much-needed break she thought the rain had started, because the sound of water was in her ears. It wasn't loud like a river though—which made her a bit confused. The earth was dry, the colours of the leaves overhead had not shifted to the more vibrant shades associated with saturation... And yet, that sound. It was the sound of movement, but sometimes as she trailed after it she thought it sounded thin and whispering, while other moments it seemed so much louder and more gregarious. Curious about this, Ibis delved further.

The earth wasn't all flat in the Emberwood, she noticed. The further west she moved the more undulation there appeared to be in the hillside, with some trails leading higher than others and giving her a moment to look around at the view. The air was crisp with the scent of ice, and Ibis began to wonder if maybe it wasn't raining because maybe it was snowing, and the snow would have taken on a different, lighter quality. There were so signs of snow either, though. It was a puzzle.

As she descended slowly in to a gully of leaf-litter the exploration came to an abrupt halt. Before her rose a sheer cliff that more than dwarfed her; there was no way to climb higher, and the mountainside seemed to stand in direct opposition to her, as if it had purposefully moved to block her passage. The trees rolled up the incline nonetheless, spread out across the top of the cliff that she could not reach, and blazed there imperiously. If nothing else, Ibis had discovered that the mountain surrounding the woods was an impenetrable wall.