Emberwood the beckoning of a broken heart
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@Kavik and @Awol if you want. set directly after the pack meeting, before Ibis awakes.

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Every moment since returning to Emberwood had been overwhelming, exhausting, tense.

Leaving the meeting had been no different. Kukulkan had felt such a depth of emotion that left his head swimming and flushed, his eyes tired and his limbs groggy from adrenaline since-passed. The sensation reminded him of being back south, back home, after a heavy rain when the heat and humidity settled with such a heavy weight upon him. The slight catharsis inhibited only by the musk of tropical post-storm atmosphere.

Except this time he walked surrounded by snows and frozen winds and bare trees, not a palm to be found, no crashing waves to be heard. It left him feeling hollow. Aimless.


A short low howl, a non-obligatory beckon to the new Archdruid, filled the frigid air as Kukulkan paced, tail intermittently thrashing behind him. The race of thoughts weaving in his mind, most without direction and splintering into a dozen new thoughts, each as haphazard as the last. Each raising more questions than he could deign to answer.

Against the painting of snow draped against the rest of Uaine Gorsedd's territory, Kavik's form was easy to spot as it approached. K lifted his head, eager for the arrival, and jogged over quickly. "Kavik, I..." words came without hinderance, spilling from his tongue without giving the poor leader a chance to even open his mouth, "I uh, I can't do nothin'... I need ta do somethin', fix somethin'..."

All these things that were happening, every wrong deed, every misfortune... logic would scream at him that he couldn't have stopped it. That it wasn't his fault. But nothing could stop him from feeling that was exactly the case.

"I'ma go find a cure fer her. Or someone who can do it." It was spoken with determination, the kind from someone who'd made up their mind any wouldn't be stopped, with ever so slight a hint of requesting permission. "But I won't go far, no more than a howl away, in case..." In case Pyg shows...

Finally catching his breath, finally stopping, Kukulkan stood before his alpha, awaiting a response. Awaiting a judgement. Awaiting anything he might have to say, to add or deny.

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February 04, 2020, 05:47 PM
RIP Kavik
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He was patrolling when Kukulkan's call reached his ears, and he immediately changed his direction to head towards his packmate. His heart began to race as he wondered if he had discovered anything new about Pygmalion. What if he had scented him near the borders? Kavik hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary, but he had only been patrolling one section of the borders. As much as he wished he could be everywhere at once, he knew it was impossible. 

When he finally found Kukulkan, the man quickly closed the distance between them. Kavik opened his mouth to ask if anything was wrong but closed it as the other man began to speak. He could understand the way Kukulkan felt; it was hard to stay here and wait around when so much was going on and with so much still unknown. 

And he wanted to find a cure for Ibis; he could tell his mind was set. Kavik knew next to nothing about healing, so he had no advice to add or reasons to tell him not to try other than he was worried about him wandering too far to be a call away. Kavik nodded. If there is any cure out there for her, then I pray you find it, he offered first. Be careful and if there's any trouble, call. Kavik would get there as soon as he could. If Kukulkan could figure out a way to heal Ibis, then maybe things could go back to normal. 

But before they went their separate ways today, the new Archdruid wanted to discuss something. I wanted to ask you something, he said. Have you given any consideration to what I said at the meeting about needing new council members? Kavik asked. I think you would be a good addition if you're interested. Kavik trusted him and he was clearly loyal to Ibis; he was just the kind of wolf they needed helping to make decisions about the pack.
February 18, 2020, 02:30 AM
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sorry for the crummy post, will beautify when my hand heals

if it hadnt been for the sheer adrenaline of his plan, the eagerness and anticipation of it all, he might have consciously realized that little pang of guilt for essentially bombarding the new alpha with rambles and rantings. but he continued, tunnel vision in effect, spilling words at the feet of the dark male.

and to K's surprise, there was no resistance. no scolding, no disapproval, no trying to dissuade the ovate from his ambition. only advice, and support. it left the boy stunned for a few seconds, face frozen in mid-thought as he tried to reel back from his preparation to provide more reasons. "oh-- thank ya... kavik..." he'd nod in confirmation, "i will."

but just as K was prepared to bow out, the archdruid continued. and asked a question that left him feeling caught off-guard, so much so it probably showed on his face. council? "i er... i wouldn' know how t'help." he shook his head, knowing he'd come across as too dismissive, "kavik i ain't ever led a group b'fore. i'd def'nitely wanna help, though..." it was no secret the emberwood was going through crises, and he'd be damned if he didn't do all he could.

but still, the thought of failing them...
"what would ya need f'me?"
February 18, 2020, 04:56 PM
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Kukulkan was reluctant to accept his offer to be a apart of the new council, clearly insecure about his ability to help lead the pack. Kavik had faith in his loyalty to Ibis and Uaine Gorsedd. But he wouldn't push him into something he wasn't ready for. Still, he seemed interested, eventually asking what Kavik would need from him. Well, I trust you and think you have the pack's best interest at heart; that's a good place to start. He paused and drew in a deep breath before continuing. As a council member, you would help make decisions and help ensure that the members of the pack are happy and treating each other with respect. I obviously wouldn't fit you with any responsibilities you don't think you're ready for. He knew he was already asking a lot of the other man, but hopefully he could reassure him by making him feel like he wouldn't be thrown into something before he was ready.