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Basic Info
Full Name: Síff "Fleet-foot" Jonosdóttir Völsung (neé Liri Blackfoot)
Subspecies: Arctic wolf
Size: Tiny, Stocky
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender Female
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Age: 5 years (October 21, 2015)
Birthplace: Northern Canada
At a Glance
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small, soft, scarred
evergreen, salt & brine, honeysuckle, lichen, ice.
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A short and stocky woman of northron descent, her compact bulk hardened by a life of hardship and travel. A pelt of pristine virgin snow is marred by the patchwork quilt of abuse carved into her flesh, the long-healed wounds faded though never gone, leaving only her peppered features in tact. Most noticeable about the wizened healer is the glaring lack of her left hindleg, the loose fold of skin at her belly indicative of having carried and born several children, and the pair of woodland eyes that drink in the world with both wonder and mistrust. In her advanced age, Liri's muzzle has begun to silver slightly.
"i'll keep you safe in these arms of mine"
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A ghost in the woods.

A woman who has seen the worst the world has to offer and refused to let it harden her. Once a woman in white, drifting from tragedy to tragedy -- doomed to forever linger as all she loved crumbled to ash. She has since morphed into something entirely new; a northerner at heart who walks with the proud, primordial grace of an Ostmen.
"hold on to me, pretty baby"
Liri was born outside a tiny nomadic tribe in Northern Canada. Her mother, Ectsi, died in childbirth leaving Ectsi's litter to be saved by a nursing mother who lost her pups. Liri and her relatives integrated into the tribe, residing there until a sickness (likely rabies) killed many of the members. Amongst the dying was Jono, Liri's father. Leto, Liri's brother, later left his younger sisters to fend on their own after fleeing Moonrise. Ameta, Liri's sister, died in a bear attack as her elder sister hunted which left Liri alone in the wilderness.

Shortly before her first birthday, Liri was found and convinced by a much older male, Remo, to return to his pack. Upon arrival, the young girl found herself forced to be Remo's child bride. She found no solace from her sister wife, only abuse at the hands of the whole family until she escaped.

A yearling Liri arrived at Rosings's threshold and was accepted as a member by Aaron Odolf. A month later per pack customs, she was married to a kind male -- and her closest friend -- named Samuel. Liri flourished at Rosings. She found friends, family, and love. She survived a locust swarm, earned her Caregiving trade, and even reunited with Leto. The blissful era of peace in Rosings came to an end when a rival male challenged Aaron and took over as Alpha. Secrets and mutiny led to a final gathering where the usurper, Kierkegaard, was finally forced to surrender his leadership. Shortly after, Liri was promoted to Beta for her loyalty but would soon find that Kierkegaard's reign of dissent had not ended.

Not long after her promotion, amongst much speculation and suspicion, Aaron stepped down and Amara, pregnant at the time, disappeared - foiling the healer's plans to kidnap rescue the unborn pups the deranged leader seemed to so despise. Amidst this loss, Samuel disappeared without even saying goodbye. This was a harsh blow for Liri, who found herself struggling to keep the failing pack afloat.

With so few members, the pack disbanded. Liri traveled with Leto and Minna (her sister-in-law) to form Hideaway Strath, which did not come to fruition. Liri left the Strath after both Minna and Leto went missing.

Liri traveled alone in search of her brother and his wife; but it wasn't long before she ran into trouble. She went through many horrors in this dark time. She was attacked by several rogues and brutally raped by a stranger named Hadraniel while looking for her family. Afterwards in a haze of pain and terror, the tundrian accidentally wandered into Blackfeather Woods where she attempted to warn those within of the danger just beyond their borders. She was taken captive for her efforts, held hostage and tortured for several months. Liri escaped later subconciously, her mind fractured by the trials she endured, and stumbled upon Arthendal.

Liri joined the Isle's Alpha, Burke, and his followers to merge with Broken Antler Fen; believing it safer to travel with a group and constantly peering over her shoulder. It's here she began to heal from the betrayal and nightmares she went through.

While in the Kintla Flatlands, Liri went into heat and ran into Horosk who she coupled with - having had no mother to inform her of the ways between males and females or prepare her for coming into heat, Liri simply gave in to her instincts without thought. Fearing banishment if she fell pregnant, or even the death of her pups, Liri dispersed from Broken Antler Fen.

As she traveled, she found herself attacked by several strangers on the road. Unbeknownst to the pregnant refugee, Horosk's demented sister Kelina had been spying on the male within his new pack and had heard of his encounter with Liri from afar. The northron ran across Kelina by coincidence in the mountains and once the dark woman realizes who she was, she disfigured Liri's leg and kidnapped her - torturing her for months with hopes of causing Horosk misery. Liri was forced to wait until her ruined leg was healed enough to escape before fleeing, stopping only to miscarry her daughter. She finally collapsed on the borders of Morningside where she was found near death by Sunspot, the woman who would later vouch and care for her. A week or so after Liri joined, she gave birth to her son, Pip. He died shortly after birth - weak from Liri's imprisonment and Kelina's neglect. Following this development, Liri left the Teekon Wilds - seemingly for good.

Liri returned to Teekon after a year spent in the wilderness in isolation - a revolution of the sun she spent putting herself back together. Upon returning, she stopped at Blackfoot Forest, Rosings's previous territory. She visited it and in doing so, got the closure she needed. She took on the surname 'Blackfoot' to remind her of what she's overcome.

Afterwards, Liri vacated to the very reaches of the Teekon Wilds and to her surprise, found a small sanctuary at the corner of the world. Seeing this as fate, Liri decided to start over here once again. She was met by Lily, who welcomed her into Bracken Sanctuary as a Cipher.

Shortly after, she was promoted to Caretaker and met Kavik, who she immediately connected with. On a hunting trip with Kavik, the pair found themselves lost in a raging thunderstorm and set out on their own to found a pack. In their travels, Liri came across the pup, Illidan. Seeing as he was rather young and seemingly alone, Liri took him on as a ward. She traveled through Teekon with her lover, Kavik, and Illidan. Along the way, they gathered a following of wolves and upon reaching Northstar Vale, they intended to make the territory their own but they were met with a rather angry member from the Sunspire, a pack that had taken up residence in the mountains while she was in the north.

After meeting with Wraen and Rannoch, they came to realize that the Vale was not suitable for their pack and decided to move on, eventually settling down on Blacktail Deer Plateau. The group enjoyed several idyllic months here and Liri even earned her second trade as a Hunter. But as winter rolled in, the healer fell ill with greencough and was quarantined to prevent the spread of disease throughout the pack. During this time, the pack upon the Plateau disbanded and the ivory woman was presumed missing. In truth, her illness had left her delirious - wandering lost in the Door's depths until she managed to stumble back out by sheer luck. Liri emerged in late winter to find the pack gone and herself alone once more. Still rather ill, she survived by scavenging carrion and scraps from other kills.

While traveling through the Sunspire Mountains in search of her pack mates, Liri was struck by lightning which resulted in the loss of her damaged leg - leaving her with three capable limbs. After she finally managed to reach Rising Sun Valley, Liri came across the borders of Swiftcurrent Creek where she was surprised to scent Kavik. They reunited briefly only for Liri to learn that since her illness, he had thought her to be dead. Upon leaving the Plateau, he took a new wife and was expecting children with her. Heart-broken and betrayed, Liri left him to care for his new pack and new family.

Liri took to wandering the Valley where she encountered a new friend to travel with, Sorin. She reunited with a former member of Blacktail Deer Plateau shortly afterwards, Siqsa, who joined their small band of nomads. Soon, the trio would set out for Northstar Vale. As spring neared, the group reached the Vale and Liri came across the norseman, Vangard, while wandering Lone Star Mountain. He revealed some intriguing information about his religion and homeland before offering Liri a place in his fledgling pack. Though it was tempting, the Blackfoot declined his offer for she had others in the Vale to think of. Liri offered Vangard and his companion a place amongst her own group, should he wish to combine their two packs. Vangard then imparted that he believed himself destined to lead, not follow. Liri challenged him to come anyways and prove himself worthy to her group if that was the case, to teach them his ways.

A few short weeks later, Vangard arrived at the Vale with intentions of accepting her challenge. The Viking agreed to earn her recruits' trust and impart his teachings on the group - after which he would be promoted to lead at Liri's side - and tentative plans were laid to secure their claim with a future litter of pups. These plans would later fall apart as Liri and Sorin were left to prepare for a possible war against Diaspora - only for Liri to suffer a nasty fall that left her with amnesia.

Aspirations for leadership and the Vale forgotten, Liri wandered the Flatlands - lost in every sense of the word. She was found and cared for by Evergreen, choosing to follow him in his travels afterwards as the male had recently dispersed from his pack, Easthollow. Liri helped to found his pack, Kaistleoki, where she resided and recovered until she began to gain her old memories back. Once again, Liri left Teekon after regaining her memories -- thinking herself to be done with the Wilds at last.

In the fall after she left Teekon, Liri migrated along the northern coast until she stopped to reside with a clan of Ostmen, or Vikings, for the winter in exchange for her healing services. It was during that winter that she met Tór, spending the majority of her time with the man as she healed him from a severe hunting injury. In the spring, the two wed and Liri adopted his culture as her own, becoming Síff Jonosdottir. Later that season, she welcomed six of his children into the world proudly.

The following spring, the aging couple conceived again when their first pups had left the hearth -- hoping to raise another litter before they got too old -- but Síff was only in her first trimester when her mate died suddenly of a heart attack. The mother-to-be lost the litter due to grief and fell into a deep depression that was only worsened by the dispersal of her daughter from the clan.

Feeling that she was becoming a burden on her yearling children, who were blossoming into individuals and forging lives for themselves, the northron chose to follow Gunhild south to Teekon -- thinking her child may have gone in search of the lands from Liri's stories of old.
"i'll save you from all the dying lies"
Mother: Ectsi
Father: Jono
Siblings: Ameta , Leto , Kiran (Jono x Echo )
Children: unnamed , Pip (via Horosk Irya ; 2017), Eira Tórsdóttir , Halvard Tórson , Gunhild Tórsdóttir , Inge Tórsdóttir , Järle Tórson , Kolybir Tórson , Alfhilder Tórsdóttir (via Tór Bjarnison ; c. 2020), unnamed , unnamed , unnamed , unnamed , unnamed (via Tór Bjarnison ; c. 2021)
Wards: Illidan (2018).
Ex-sister-in-law: Minna
Ex-mates: Remo , Marsh "Samuel" Alfred Villanova , Kavik Tonrar , Tór Bjarnison
Ex-sister-wife: Hahla
Other: Ruenna Redfern , Siqsa Xandir 'Ntima'
Familiar: Nayethi

Alive, Deceased, Unknown
Pack History
Pup, Initiate, Healer


Second Wife to the Hunter, Remo


Zeta, Epsilon, Delta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Epsilon, Gamma, Beta, Alpha




Zeta, Epsilon, Delta, Gamma




Cipher, Caretaker

Pledged, Alpha


Pledged, Commoner

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"i'll keep you here when I lose my mind."
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