Profile of Liri: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: ??? (neé Liri Blackfoot)
Subspecies: Arctic wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (October 21, 2015)
Birthplace: Northern Canada
At A Glance
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Profile of Liri: Details
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Liri does not much take after her northern lineage; the runt of her litter and weaned early, the tundrian is short and slender though it can be said that she is intensely muscular for a woman of her build - the result of a lifetime comprised of wandering and hardship. Though not unfeminine, the northern wolf is square and stocky - much like a tiny polar bear.

A thick and fluffy coat, consisting of a downy underlayer and a longer, coarser overcoat, the color of freshly fallen snow conceals much of her figure though the pale pink of shines through raggedly. Most obvious is the glaring lack of her left hindleg. Curiously, her abdomen retains a tiny fold of loose skin - a testament to a previous pregnancy and a remnant of fleeting motherhood - nearly unnoticeable though visible to those of keen eyesight.

She moves with grace and elegance, even on three legs, embodying a subconcious poise and sophistication. There is an ethereal quality to the soft-spoken waif, a haunted and ghostly air about the pale and forlorn woman.

The fae's features are a testament to a youthful beauty, the only portion of her body that remains untouched by violence. A story hides in the depths of a dark gaze the color of a haunted wood just as it does in the abuse carved upon her flesh - one she is unable to completely relay.

— Diagonal gashes across her stomach (via Remo).
— Notched left ear (via Blackfeather Woods).
— A deformed leg (via Kelina).
— A trio of spinal scars down her back (via Shardik).
— Missing her left hind leg (via lightning strike).
— A variation of scars from fights and assaults, even of rape. (via rogues, Embry, Kelina, Hadraniel, etc.)

Scent: Woodsy, pine and wild flowers. In colder months the floral scent on her coat is replaced by an autumn smell of crisp leaves and rain. At times she smells of the herbs and plants she uses as a healer.

Proportions: 1.8' H
2.4' L
80 lbs

Current Condition: There is a noticeable head wound at her left temple, the source of her amnesia which is currently bound with cobwebs.

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(previous personality)

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A soft-spoken soul with an unshakeable will, she is known for her gentle nature and inherent kindness. There is an ageless acceptance within her - for she has lived many a lifetime in her three winters. She is a sensitive creature, offering herself in full though she so rarely seems to receive in return - her heart and kindness seem always to be repaid by betrayal and abuse. Though submissive at her core and a peacekeeper at heart, she is hardly meek; tempered from abuse and the loss of loved ones, she has come out stronger. She scorns those who would base their judgement of others on their outward appearance, as she herself has proven that even with a handicap, one can do great things with strength of character. Whatever sorrow or disappointment, others find themselves turning to the fae for comfort and come away relieved with no burden of obligation upon them. Her compassion is a great strength and she tries to share it with as many people as possible.

Liri is fiercely protective of the young and the innocent, perhaps on account of her own lost innocence, and longs to be a mother again.

The tundrian is not quite reserved - she laughs and smiles with ease in the right company but her mask is something Liri values greatly and her composure rarely slips, few know the extent of her dark past.

She herself is quite damaged, and as a result Liri covets broken things. Her survival instincts and ferality are intense when they need to be - she is not afraid to push her own limits and such animalistic tendencies have saved her skin more than once.

In short, a determined survivor who continues to wrest whatever opportunity she can from life's cruel hands.

(current personality, under construction)

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Since taking a tumble in the Sunspire, it's unclear exactly how much of the old Liri remains. She struggles with her identity, what leftover pieces of her personality she maintains, and memories that seem to have happened to another. Though Liri remains much the same at her core, she is protective of herself - skittish and mistrustful. Confusion and sorrow abound, leaving the healer frightened and lost.

A spirit who seems in constant contradiction of herself, she is a patchwork of enigmas: both mysterious and refreshingly honest, kind but feral, intense yet gentle, wise beyond her years while also youthfully light-hearted.

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"she will rise."

Liri was born outside a tiny nomadic tribe in Northern Canada. Her mother, Ectsi, dies in childbirth leaving Ectsi's litter to be saved by a nursing mother who lost her pups.

Liri and her relatives integrate into the tribe, residing there until a sickness (likely rabies) kills many of the members. Amongst the dying is Jono, Liri's father.

Leto, Liri's brother, leaves his younger sisters to fend on their own.

Ameta, Liri's sister, dies from a bear attack.

Liri is found and convinced by a much older male, Remo, to return to his pack. Upon arrival, the young girl finds herself forced to be Remo's child bride. She finds no solace from her sister wife, only abuse at the hands of the whole family until she escapes.

A yearling Liri arrives at Rosings's threshold and is accepted as a member by Aaron Odolf. A month later per pack customs, she is married to a kind male named Samuel.

Liri flourishes at Rosings. She finds friends, family, and love. She survives a locust swarm, earns a trade, and even reunites with Leto.

The blissful era of peace in Rosings comes to an end when a rival male challenges Aaron and takes over as Alpha. Secrets and mutiny lead to a final gathering where the usurper is finally forced to surrender his leadership. Shortly after, Liri is promoted to Beta for her loyalty but would soon find that Kierkegaard's reign of dissent had not ended.

Not long after her promotion, amongst much speculation and suspicion, Aaron steps down and Amara, pregnant at the time, disappears - foiling the healer's plans to kidnap rescue the unborn pups the deranged leader seemed to so despise. Amidst this loss, Samuel disappears without even saying goodbye. This is a harsh blow for Liri, who finds herself struggling to keep the failing pack afloat.

With so few members, the pack disbands. Liri travels with Leto and Minna to form Hideaway Strath, which does not come to fruition. Liri leaves the Strath after both Minna and Leto go missing.

Liri travels alone in search of her brother and his wife; it isn't long before she runs into trouble. She goes through many horrors in this dark time. She is attacked by several rogues and brutally raped by a stranger named Hadraniel. Afterwards in a haze of pain and terror, the tundrian accidentally wanders into Blackfeather Woods where she attempts to warn those within of the danger just beyond their borders. She is taken captive for her efforts, held hostage and tortured for several months. Liri escapes later subconciously, her mind fractured by the trials she's endured, and stumbles upon Arthendal.

Liri joins Burke and his followers to merge with Broken Antler Fen; believing it safer to travel with a group and constantly peering over her shoulder. It's here she begins to heal from the betrayal and nightmares she went through.

While in the Kintla Flatlands, Liri comes into heat and runs into Horosk who she couples with - having had no mother to inform her of the ways between males and females or prepare her for coming into heat, Liri gives in to her instincts without thought. Fearing banishment if she falls pregnant, or even the death of her pups, Liri abandons Broken Antler Fen.

As she travels, she finds herself attacked by several strangers on the road. Unbeknownst to the pregnant refugee, Horosk's demented sister Kelina had been spying on the male within his new pack and had heard of his encounter with Liri from afar. The northron runs across Kelina by coincidence in the mountains and once the dark woman realizes who she is, she disfigures Liri's leg and kidnaps her - torturing her for months with hopes of causing Horosk misery.

Liri must wait until her ruined leg is healed enough to escape before fleeing, stopping only to miscarry her daughter. She collapses on the borders of Morningside where she is found near death by Sunspot, the woman who would later vouch and care for her.

A week or so after Liri joins, she gives birth to her son, Pip. He dies shortly after birth - weak from Liri's imprisonment and Kelina's neglect. Following this development, Liri leaves the Teekon Wilds - seemingly for good.

Liri returns to Teekon after a year spent in the wilderness in isolation - a revolution of the sun she spent putting herself back together. Upon returning, she stops at Blackfoot Forest, Rosings's previous territory. She visits it and in doing so, gets the closure she needs. She takes on the surname 'Blackfoot' to remind her of what she's overcome.

Liri vacates to the very reaches of the Teekon Wilds and to her surprise, finds a small sanctuary at the corner of the world. Seeing this as fate, Liri decides to start over here once again. She is met by Lily, who welcomes her into Bracken Sanctuary. She becomes a Cipher.

Shortly after, she's promoted to Caretaker and meets Kavik, who she immediately connects with.

Kavik and Liri leave to visit a nearby territory on a hunting excursion and soon find themselves lost in a raging storm.

In their travels, Liri came across the pup, Illidan. Seeing as he's rather young and seemingly alone, Liri takes him on as a ward.

She traveled through Teekon with her lover, Kavik, and Illidan. Along the way they gathered a following of wolves, who believed in the same vision they do. Upon reaching the Northstar Vale, they intended to make the territory their own but they were met with a rather angry member from the Sunspire, a pack that had taken up residence in the mountains while she was in the north.

After meeting with Wraen and Rannoch, they come to realize that the Vale is not suitable for their pack and decide to move on.

They settled in Blacktail Deer Plateau where they began founding a pack.

On August 24th, 2018 Blacktail Deer Plateau became an official pack.

In 2018, Liri earned her second trade as a hunter.

As winter rolled in, the healer fell ill with greencough and was quarantined to prevent the spread of disease throughout the pack. During this time, the pack upon the plateau disbanded and the ivory woman was presumed missing. In truth, her illness had left her delirious - wandering lost in the Door's depths until she managed to stumble back out by sheer luck.

Liri emerges in late winter to find the pack gone and herself alone once more. Still rather ill, she survives by scavenging carrion and scraps from other kills.

While traveling through the Sunspire Mountains, Liri is struck by lightning which results in the loss of her damaged leg - leaving her with three capable limbs.

Shortly after reaching the Rising Sun Valley, Liri comes across the borders of Swiftcurrent Creek where she is surprised to scent Kavik. They reunite briefly only for Liri to learn that since her illness, he had thought her dead. Upon leaving the plateau he took a new wife and was now expecting children with her. Heart-broken and betrayed, Liri leaves him to care for his new pack and new family.

Liri takes to wandering the Valley where she encounters a new friend to travel with, Sorin. She reunites with a former member of Blacktail Deer Plateau shortly afterwards, Siqsa, who joins their small band of nomads. Soon, the trio would set out for Northstar Vale.

As spring neared, the group reached the Vale.

Liri came across the norseman, Vangard, while wandering the Lone Star Mountain. He revealed some intriguing information about his religion and homeland before offering Liri a place in his fledgling pack. Though it was tempting, the Blackfoot declined his offer for she had others in the Vale to think of. Liri offered Vangard and his companion a place amongst her own group, should he wish to combine their two packs. Vangard then imparted that he believed himself destined to lead, not follow. Liri challenged him to come anyways and prove himself worthy to her group if that was the case, to teach them his ways.

A few short weeks later, Vangard arrived at the Vale with intentions of accepting her challenge. The Viking agreed to earn her recruits' trust and impart his teachings on the group - after which he would be promoted to lead at Liri's side - and tentative plans were laid to secure their claim with a future litter of pups.

These plans would fall apart as Liri and Sorin were left to prepare for a possible war against Diaspora - only for Liri to suffer a nasty fall that left her with amnesia.

Aspirations for leadership and the Vale forgotten, Liri wanders the Flatlands - lost in every sense of the word.

She is found and cared for by Evergreen, choosing to follow him in his travels afterwards as the male had recently dispersed from his pack, Easthollow.
Pack History
Mother: Ectsi (died in childbirth)

Father: Jono (taken by disease)

Siblings*: Ameta (killed by a bear), Leto (lost), Kiran (half-sister; Jono x Echo)

Children: unnamed (miscarried as a result of torture), Pip (died shortly after birth as a result of torture and poor conditions) (via Horosk; 2017)

Wards: Illidan (returned to his biological mother; 2018).

Ex-sister-in-law: Minna (lost)

Ex-mates: Remo (fled from), Samuel (lost), Kavik Tonrar (divorced).

Ex-sister-wife: Hagga (fled from)

Other: Ruenna Redfern
Relationship: Former Beta. Liri considers Rue a close friend and confidante - a sister.

Siqsa Xandir 'Ntima'
Relationship: Former pack mate. Liri considers the dragon kith and kin, often claiming him as her brother.

Familiar: Nayethi

*Alive Deceased Unknown *Unbeknownst to Liri she has several older half-siblings from her mother's first marriage, two older brothers: Tornstein and Anif, and an older sister: Heidi. These siblings have not been listed as Liri has no knowledge of them. These characters are available for adoption; shoot me a PM if you're interested.
Moonrise Tribe: Pup, Initiate, Healer

Lone wolf

Plains of Black River: Second Wife to the Hunter, Remo

Lone wolf

ROSINGS: Zeta, Epsilon, Delta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Epsilon, Gamma, Beta, Alpha

Lone wolf

Hideaway Strath: Pledged

Lone wolf


Lone wolf

BROKEN ANTLER FEN: Zeta, Epsilon, Delta, Gamma

Lone wolf


Lone wolf

BRACKEN SANCTUARY: Cipher, Caretaker



Lone wolf

: Pledged

Lone wolf


Caregiver [Image: caretaker.gif] [Image: caretaker_master.gif]
Wolves who possess a great deal of empathy, a drive to help others and an affinity for nurturing tend to make excellent Caregivers. Caregivers are wolves who, in one way or another, take care of their pack mates. Whether it be by tending wounds and aiding the ill, looking after the pack's youngest and oldest members, lending a shoulder for a wounded companion to lean on or aiding pregnant females in the pack, Caregivers are the heart of the pack. (acquired)

Medic: Major focus is on healing wounds and aiding the ill using various natural methods. (in progress 9/10)

Mastery Progress: 0/20

Sitter: Major focus is on taking care of and teaching puppies and looking after the elderly. (in progress 2/10)

Mastery Progress: 0/20

Hunter [Image: gamekeeper.gif][Image: gamekeeper_master.gif]
They say all wolves can hunt, but only the keenest of sight and keenest of smell can call themselves experts. These wolves have a quick mind and quicker reflexes and are capable of tracking and hunting a wide variety of prey, from tiny voles to towering moose. Hunters can sense even the tiniest of movements and it's said that their focus in unbreakable. By padding the pack's caches and feeding its members, Hunters are the pack's jaws and lifeblood. (acquired)

Tracker: Major focus is on following herd patterns and movements; monitoring birth and death rates; observing general animal behavior and life cycles; as well as keeping track of caches and their contents. (in progress 5/10)

Mastery Progress: 0/20

Profile of Liri: Additional Information
Liri is fluent in Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit. This is her native tongue as she was raised in a tribe in Northern Canada. However, as she has met few wolves who speak it within Teekon (save for her former allies, the Ateneqs of IkKannattuk) she rarely uses it. Her English is clear, with a slight northern accent, harsh and musical. (This accent leaves her voice husky and low-pitched, lilting vaguely.)

NOTE: Liri is meant to be portrayed as a mentally ill character. She is written to actively experience intense mood swings, paranoia, obtrusive thoughts, and symptoms of PTSD. Please keep in mind that any of Liri's thoughts/actions/opinions in no way reflect my own.

Amnesia notice: Liri remembers very little at the moment, she retains most memories but is unable to properly conjure up faces and names to go with her memories. She seems to maintain her skills as a hunter and healer, with no memory of how she gained such knowledge, but struggles with simple tasks like speech and social interactions.

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masterpiece by Alex :)
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