Profile of Lucas: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Lucas Redleaf
Subspecies: Wolf (Arctic, Northern Rocky Mountain, Timber)
Height: 3'1"
Weight: 162 lbs (overweight)
Sex: Male
Age: 0.75 (April 10, 2018)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley
At A Glance
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Profile of Lucas: Details
Lucas is both tall and heavy, with a considerable amount of extra weight beneath a plush cream coat countershaded in cinereous taupe. His forehead is marked with a long white star and his eyes are light blue and very warm. In spite of his girth, Lucas moves with surprising legerity to a constant personal beat.
Pack History
Parents: Laurel and Xan
Siblings: Piper and Wyatt
Grandparents: Reek and Saena
Great-grandparents: Kisu and Pied
Great-great-grandparents: Shreya
Half-siblings: Marten, Nunataq and Yakone
Aunts: Indra
Uncles: Astik, Phoenix, Tambourine and Tapat
Cousins: Merrick and Ukulele
Bearclaw Valley: April 10, 2018 — August 27, 2018 · σ, ο
Kincardine Troupe: August 27, 2018 — October 18, 2018 · Bambino, Coryphee
Undersea: December 11, 2017 — present · Guppy, Daggertooth
Profile of Lucas: Additional Information
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I will always embrace the realistic consequences of this character entering into dangerous or harmful situations without exception. He is for injuries of any severity and may be non-consent for death with forewarning if that is the only plausible outcome (extreme circumstances only).

Non-consent: In character consequences are favoured. Agreement to negative consequences doesn’t matter in non-consent scenarios and player permission is not required for violent actions against a non-consent character. Be forewarned that utilizing non-consent rules against any character automatically subjects your character to non-consent as well for the sake of fairness. Adapted from Forum Roleplay.
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