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Basic Info
Full Name: Takara Utano
Subspecies: 50% Eastern 50% Grey
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (July 12th)
Birthplace: Poncle Woods
At A Glance
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Profile of Takara: Details
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[Image: d9zpmzg-f64f9706-1490-4acb-bbf1-167779a36228.png][Image: d9zpmzg-f64f9706-1490-4acb-bbf1-167779a36228.png][Image: d9zpmzg-f64f9706-1490-4acb-bbf1-167779a36228.png]
Fluffy chocolate brown fur. Teak colored markings, cheeks and leg accents. Mahogany tipped ears, fluffy cheeks, stomach, back legs and toes. Cream chest, tail tip, and "arrow" near her hips. Subtle freckles on the bridge of her nose. Pale blue, upturned eyes with dark lashes. Large ears. Feminine frame, build for agility. Slightly longer canines.

scars: crooked tail (broken close to tip, set at a strange angle), claw marks over right shoulder, claw marks faint over right hip, bite marks along right leg and hip.
[Image: d9zpmzg-f64f9706-1490-4acb-bbf1-167779a36228.png][Image: d9zpmzg-f64f9706-1490-4acb-bbf1-167779a36228.png][Image: d9zpmzg-f64f9706-1490-4acb-bbf1-167779a36228.png]
[Image: 6A6PEqf.png]

[Image: tinyleaf_by_moonlight_pendent13-da9oaoe.png] Overly affectionate. Playful.
[Image: tinyleaf_by_moonlight_pendent13-da9oaoe.png] Quick tempered. Personal space invader.
[Image: tinyleaf_by_moonlight_pendent13-da9oaoe.png] Focused. Driven. Loyal.
[Image: tinyleaf_by_moonlight_pendent13-da9oaoe.png] Sentimental. Thoughtful.
[Image: tinyleaf_by_moonlight_pendent13-da9oaoe.png] Fierce. Protective.
[Image: tinyleaf_by_moonlight_pendent13-da9oaoe.png] Jealous.
Pack History
daughter of asuna and deshevyy, step daughter to hiro. twin sister to the late takashi. older half sister []mimiru[/i][b], [b]akito, and uto.

mother to orochi, ooyori, aimi, and tenko.

ex lover to akira. fell in love with issun, and minori.

*all relations that are italicized are up for adoption, pleas pm me if interestd

poncle woods
July 12 - ???

lone wolf
???- Present
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