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Days passed and still @Kaertok did not return. Haunt grew restless, roaming the bypass and even sneaking off to the neighboring grove once to practice swimming until she perfected it. Her father would've been proud, if he'd been around to see it. She returned home with a scowl etched onto her face, despite her success. She slunk to the rendezvous site, slumped to the ground and sighed.

Another morning dawned and Haunt rose early, roving toward the eastern border to bask in the October sunshine as she sniffed around for likely prey. When she began to trail a rabbit, it naturally made her think of her recent foray with her father; he was never far from her mind lately. Haunt caught herself thinking back on that day, of how he'd called her a "prowler." She still thought of herself as Haunt, yet she embraced Inukun too, and would happily answer to either.

As the hare's smell grew hotter in her nose, Haunt abruptly decided she would capture and kill her first small animal and present it to her father upon his return, no matter how many tries it took.
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