Thunder Dome I've been depending on the overgrown
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@Blackburn set in Cantatis Cavern

The territories south of the Vale were well known; they'd been scoped thoroughly by the voracious little healer but the mount held no sign of threat - none she could detect thus far anyhow. It was only logical then that she seek the vaguely familiar north of the range in the event that Diaspora would circle around in an attempt to catch the Vale wolves off guard. 

Again, she ventured from the safety of the concavely domed safe harbor with Nayethi curled around her slender shoulders to scout and abate her anxieties. 

The all too familiar burn of electricity stung her nose, watered her eyes, as the woman in white drew near the boundaries of Thunder Dome. A shiver wracked along her scarred spine and lifted her hackles with nervous energy, leading the snake around her throat to hiss softly in displeasure. 

The völva soothed her in soft croons under her breath, a soft exhalation of northern, "All is well, Nayethi." 

A passing glance as her head raised made her look again, a double take revealing the mouth of a great cave. 

A tingle of apprehension made itself known - she detested caves, scenes of horror and loss that they were - but she knew of no cave with light. 

It was the golden aura of the cavern that drew hesitant steps from her paws and guided her to the entrance. Shifting from foot to foot, the sylph's inky nose raised to scent the air for inhabitants. Having detected no threats, Liri took a few slow steps into the lair - dark eyes widening as the secretive forest came into view. 

Utterly enchanted, and curious about what herbs might grow within, Leea padded further in with a bit more courage. 

For how could memories of torture and illness plague such a place as this?