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@Liri pretty please!

He didn't know how long he'd slipped into despair. After Liri vanished hed gone mad, hiding away with poppy and shrooms. He remembered eating the shrooms and then.....nothing.

He slowly got up his muscles weak. There was a haunted look on his face, a gauntness in his cheeks suggesting dehydration and the start of malnourishment. Yet his paws started walking, bringing him to the borders and leaving him there, half in half out. This wasn't his place without her. He didn't understand why Odinn had brought him here to rip it all away. He lifted his head to the sky and didn't look away until his eyes burned fiercely and dripped tears both from the sun and from the sobs that began to wracked his body.

And now he knew what it was like to not realise just how deeply the feelings he had were until the one who earned them disappeared. He vowed to never waste another second of happiness, no matter what. Yet even that vow didnt give him the strength to stand and turn his back on this place, not yet at least.
May 30, 2019, 10:49 PM
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full on SOBBING in the club rn (vaguely after her thread with Mahler)

She knew she must return soon - especially now with the knowledge that the mountains were claimed territory. Yet, she lingered unbidden, unable to shake the hold this place had gripped her in. 

Struggle as she might, no memories surfaced from behind the wall - she slammed into it again and again, desperately trying to unlock who she had once been. The only product to show for her efforts was a pounding migraine that not even poppy could avail completely. 

Small as she was, having never taken the drug, even one seed had infected her mind with a sluggish slowness. She drifted, forest swirling into a fade of green. Anxiety thrummed in her veins, patterned her heart with unnamed urgency - though the memories of her rape were hazy, the fear of loss of control remained strong as ever.

She appeared by his side as if the forest spirit they had once named her. 

His sobs had drawn her subconsciously, lonely drawn to heartbroken to sit by his prone, argent form in silent comfort. 

A heartbeat passed and she reached out, brushing her muzzle against his shoulder gently. "What causes you such pain, warrior?" The wisp left her lips, breathless and husky in her medicated state.
May 30, 2019, 11:03 PM
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He had almost stood to leave when she appeared as if his heartache had drawn her forth. He lifted his gaze and sniffed, staring at her as if she were a spirit. His breath left his maw as she approached and touched his shoulder and he closed his eyes, waiting for the spark but when she spoke he felt even more broken than before. "You do sweet svanur" he whispered, tone broken as he turned his face into hers "You leave us all, you leave me with no word and then you come here, now, whisper in my ear like you do not know me" he spoke passionately against her cheek and then pulled away to look into her eyes "Tell me you remember Liri. Tell me you're not my first heartbreak" he pleaded with her, ears going back.
May 31, 2019, 12:40 AM
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She had only meant to comfort a stranger.

He turned, reaching for her the way a lover might and she darted away, stumbling over her paws - that fear surging renewed, leaving a copper taste flooding her tongue. Ears pinned, tail tucked tightly against her belly, she turned wide dark eyes on him from a safe distance. 

Images danced tauntingly.

Red fur, green eyes. Teeth in her scruff, pain between her legs, dirt in her mouth. 

"Don't.." The ghost breathed softly though it sounded more like please. 

Her eyes danced wildly, form trembling as the words left his maw - guilt that she couldn't comprehend wracking her regardless of the void in her mind. 

Tears of shame brimmed in her eyes. "I don't," she protested weakly, brokenly, biting her lip harshly as she smothered a sob - anxious to the point of breaking into so many tiny shards under this man's accusations. 

"I.. I can't remember..Sindri said I was Liri but I don't.. don't remember Liri," she began to stutter, head wound throbbing and speech becoming more difficult under stress. 

"The dreams..." she whispered, a lifetime of pain in her eyes as they beseeched him. She shuddered, eyes closing as she began to quiver as if the last leaf of autumn caught in a cold wind. "Don't want to remember," she admitted, tears falling accompanied by a trickle of blood as the wound reopened minimally at her temple. 

"Too much pain."
May 31, 2019, 01:23 AM
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What was he to do when she darted from his touch like they'd never shared such intimate moments? He lifted his gaze to her tear filled eyes and swallowed thickly. This broken swan was not his Liri but... she was so scared. He had to do something to ease her pain. She seemed so guilty, so hurt by the fact that she couldn't remember him he almost felt like an asshole. Yet he hadn't know what he knew now was surely some sort of memory problem so he wasn't at fault and neither was she. "Then let her go. Let it go. Be someone new" he said softly, his words kept calm though inside it hurt him deeply. If it was what she needed then surely he could let go, help her let go. "Explore. Discover yourself and places all over again. I am Vangard...I am the last remaining Viking of my clan" the last sentence hurt him the most, the acknowledgement that she wasn't his little viking queen anymore, that he no longer had anyone to share his history with. "This is what Odinn has granted you. A gift. A second life free of burden" he noticed the blood and his gaze deepened with concern "Can I tend you? I promise i won't harm you....i could never" he said gently.
May 31, 2019, 01:47 AM
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She sniffed softly, half-hunched form wilting to the ground wearily. The tears had only increased the painful pressure in her head, she scrubbed them away self-consciously wondering who she was to cry in the face of a man she had supposedly abandoned. 

She could only stare in silent acceptance of his advice for what other choice did she have, really? 

Numb, dark eyes met his. 

"This is no gift," was all she could rasp weakly in protest, head drifting to rest against a pillow of grass limply. 

Neither Liri nor Olvida, then nor now, here nor there but drifting somewhere in the in between of what was left of her. 

"Okay," she whispered, something in his soft tones lending a watery sheen to her eyes anew and her eyelids squeezed shut as if she could shy from the shattering in her chest. Something within ached in response of his pain; perhaps her mind didn't recognize him but her heart did.

"It's good to meet you...again, Van,' " she murmured softly, his nickname rolling from her tongue of its own will.