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Lone Wolves

forward-dated to 9/17, i'm assuming @Rannoch & @Liffey escorted him most of the way per our discord discussion, but let me know if that needs to be changed!
His family's departure from their new home had not been much of a surprise to Tiarnach; after all, their departure from Lost Creek Hollow had not been all that long ago. In his mind, it is a rather straightforward thing — a pattern of behavior, a way of life. Overall he feels little about the situation, though he knows already that it is not his own way. Part of him had been tempted to remain in the Glade, to claim it as his own — but he knows he isn't quite strong enough for that, yet, and he doubts his parents would allow him to remain behind alone. So he'd chosen to return to Lost Creek Hollow, his first and (in his opinion) only home.
He'd thought, at first, that he would have rather made the journey alone — but now as he approaches the borders, he realizes just how much he'd appreciated his parents' presence. He feels smaller without them, and vulnerable, as if the world itself could swallow him at any moment. Suddenly eager to break his solitude, he takes a deep breath and calls for @Arbiter and @Terance.
September 13, 2019, 08:11 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
the call doesn't strike terance as all that familiar. just as his children have grown, so had the liffnoch children -- grown and changed. though the falling out had only occurred a short time ago, it feels like eons ago... of course, that's not to say that the wounds aren't still fresh. 

the stone moves towards the borders with purpose, and comes to a halt before the summoner... surprise clear upon his face. the children have grown, changed, but terance does not forget the face of what surely was one of his godsons... how could he? for a moment, terance fought between the urge to be hostile and territorial -- the frostfur's would never be welcomed here again -- and the urge to be friendly... this was, after all, just a child, wasn't it? what kind of wolf would he be if he held the mistakes of parents against their child? ah... but still...

his nose twitches as he gazes just past the boy, tail raised -- though it was not in a display of hostility. he was looking for rannoch -- for liffey. though, it seemed he was alone. tiarnach, he comments, emerald gaze falling upon the grayscale wolf again, his mouth curving gently into a smile, i'm surprised to see you here.
September 17, 2019, 05:00 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
He had been thinking a lot about his conversation with Arbiter not that long ago. Since then, he had tried really hard to learn a different section of the borders every day and then return to them periodically to inspect the scents there. It helped him learn his packmates scents, as well as learn what the borders should smell like when everything was normal. His attention span was, admittedly, not very long, but he had really been trying.

So today, when he had found the unknown scent near the edge of their territory, his heart had picked up speed partly from being nervous and partly from being excited to have noticed something was off. He followed the trail to where a silver and white pup stood talking to Terance. He seemed about the same age as Pheiros, which excited him even more, but he tried really hard to keep his face serious as he came up to the pair. He stood next to the scarred leader, careful to stand back a little since he was unfamiliar with the situation and didn't want to do something wrong. He peered at the other boy with a curious gaze and waited to see where things would go.