Fox's Glade [BWP Large Game] Yes It's True
Random Event  January 24, 2020, 06:03 PM
The Narrator
Wild Fauna
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The BWP is officially over. Large game has returned to the Teekons. You may reference a gradual increase in available large game, for those still partaking - but the event is done. Thank you all who participated and made the BWP fun!

A low call sounded over the misty wilds, sending a flock of winter wrens scattering into the grey dawn. From the rolling fog a shape broke, first featureless -- and then gradually given form.

The spearing figure of a bulk elk, his muzzle raised above the smoky frost of his breath, which spilled into the chilly air in silver clouds. He lowed again, the sound deep and the note long -- and then he moved off into the snow-rimed tussocks.

Behind him came another. Then another. Another, and another, and another --until the entire glade was filled with the sound of elks grazing and walking across the crusted snow.

Large game had returned to the Teekons.