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praimfaya is weak; malnourished from captivity, with wounds oozing with clear infection. that this is how she would end was ...well, disappointing. that she would waste away was not how a commander was meant to die. not like this, not like this —

but each breath rattled like dried bones in her chest told her that it was almost time.

the spirit of the commander — her spirit would live on. in her children. in the next commander and that thought brings her some small comfort.

she finds herself at her parents' grave — the site of so much pain and heartbreak for her. over and over and over.

she does not expect to see @Worripa — looking more like a man than the young mewling boy she'd abandoned. frostbound gaze searches for skaigona but finds that her daughter isn't there. it is just worripa looking like a cruel cut version of her father, ingram. she almost calls out to him as such ...but the gaze, as cruel and mercurial as the sea is all blodreina's ...all ragnar's ( not that pri would know that ).

i have found you, he speaks to her in trigedasleng and her heart skips a beat in her chest; aching to close the physical distance between them. yes. she offers no apologizes for her abandonment; nor any words of soft, golden gilded affection. she found no such things in worripa's betrayed, fury-fueled gaze — it would do no good to ask for it, she assumes.

he stalks towards her; muscles poised and for a moment, the old spark of the haughty commander almost trills to life in a chuckle. he was a boy. he could not kill her ! ...but he was her boy and in her current state he held advantage. it was the only reason worripa would be successful.

death was inevitable; and she'd rather it came from his teeth than waste away to nothing more than dust —

worripa lunges; full of youth and anger and malicious intents of matricide

praimfaya does not make it easy on him. she fights for as long as she is able — leaving him with nasty wounds in the shape of her claws against the left side of his muzzle; lesser teeth marks peppering his shoulders.

as his teeth closed 'round her jugular, she struggles instinctively; weakly, but the fight has been siphoned out of her. this, this would be her end; her flesh would nurture the earth and her bones would rest in eternity with her parents'.

a gasp of breath; one last burst of fight as her body goes limp and peace ...and darkness takes her; her soul joining the sea of them; a place of starshine and effervescent beauty until it was called earthside again.

the dice gods deemed it so. seemed like a good end for her and a nice old plot twist for 'ripa!