Profile of Charon: Quick Facts
Master Astronomer
Master Guardian
Master Warrior
Mate to Amekaze
Played By: Iris
Basic Info
Full Name: Charon Ostrega
Subspecies: 1/2 Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, 1/2 Eastern Timber Wolf/Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4,5 (deceased June 2019) (September 14th, 2014)
Birthplace: Teekon Wilds, Stavanger Bay
At a Glance
Deceased per June 2019.
Charon is a self-centered, proud and arrogant creature that carries himself as such. His white fur, unusual freckles and striking dark blue eyes make him stand out from a crowd. He has many scars along his face, shoulders and back, giving him the appearance of a warrior. His right eye is milky and glossed over, he cannot see from it.
Profile of Charon: Details
Charon's fur is white as snow. His cheeks, nose, the tips of his ears and his shoulders are covered in dark grey spots, giving him a freckled appearance. His eyes are dark blue. Charon has various healed over wounds on his right shoulder and back from a fight with Dante that have left permanent scars. He carries a variety of small scars along his face and his left ear is chipped. His right eye is glazed over and the skin around it is scarred from a fight with Caiaphas. He is averagely sized in every way, a combination of both parents.

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Charon was born in Stavanger Bay. He lost both his parents and two of his siblings at young age, leaving only himself and his brother, Levi. Charon was raised by Ragnar and Thistle Cloud, Stavanger Bay's Alphas. When he was nearly an adult, Thistle birthed four puppies - Ragna, FlΓ³ki, Jorunn, and Kaylan - and soon after, Ragnar was killed. Charon stepped up as Beta of Stavanger Bay when he entered the adult ranks at 9 months.

October 2015 Charon became Alpha of Moonspear, which he leads with Amekaze and was created as a merge between Stavanger Bay and the Sunspire. His brother FlΓ³ki became Beta at the age of 9 months, like Charon himself. At the start of 2016 things blossom between Charon and Amekaze.

Charon and Amekaze have 4 daughters in august 2016. Charon also fathers a daughter and son -- which he has no awareness of -- with Althaia, a wolf he took as thrall, which are born away from Moonspear in september 2016. He also mated with Potema of Blackfeather Woods in october 2016, and thinks two of her children (Koume and Kotake) are his; the only two he is aware exist.

In may 2017, Charon and Amekaze have their second litter, consisting of 3 daughters and 1 son. The youngest daughter is left in the wilds at two months of age because of her defects and dies soon after. Another of his daughters of that year dies; Charon presumes that this is by the doing of Redhawk Caldera, for it was one of their wolves with her when they found the body. Redhawk Caldera is never forgiven, though after they move the fragile bonds with the Redhawks are more or less fixed through Hydra's friendship with their leader Towhee.

At the end of march, 2018, Amekaze gives birth to the third and last litter they will have, consisting of two sons and two daughters. One of his daughters - part of twins - vanishes when she is 5 months old. As they reach the age of 9 months, one of the sons disappears suddenly as well, after a few scuffles with Blackfeather Woods. Charon tries to seek out Potema about these incidents, but it turns out she no longer lives at Blackfeather Woods.

At the start of 2019, Alya leaves Moonspear to live in Easthollow with her newly found mate, Nikai. Charon worries that Amekaze is not going into heat yet considering her growing age, unaware that she is no longer fertile. Charon gets upset with Amekaze and they have a fight over the lack of children when Hydra goes into heat. During Hydra's heat Charon stays away from Moonspear. When Speedy also goes into heat, Charon whisks her away from the mountain to 'keep her safe', but impregnates her.

Charon tells Hydra and tells her to step up as Queen of Moonspear, in return he wants his children of Speedy to live. When Amekaze finds out and Charon doesn't seem remorseful, they fight and fall off the higher reaches of the mountain together, where Charon dies just before he could welcome his first grandchildren into the world.
Grandparents: (Julooke) Liyano d'Erom β™‚ ✝ & Fatalis Imperii ♀ ✝
Grandparents: (Verrine) Leviathan Ostrega β™‚ & Chena Ostrega ♀
Parents: Julooke Imperii-d'Erom ♀ ✝ & Verrine Ostrega β™‚
Littermates: LiyanΓ­ ♀, Kevlyn β™‚ ✝ & Levi β™‚ Ostrega
Adoptive parents: Thistle Cloud ♀ & Ragnar β™‚ ✝
Adoptive siblings: Gunnar β™‚, FlΓ³ki β™‚, Kaylan β™‚, Ragna ♀ & Jorunn β™‚

Mate: Amekaze ♀
Offspring 2016 x Amekaze ♀: Korei Julia ♀, Alya ♀, Lyra ♀ & Hydra ♀ Ostrega
Illicit offspring 2016 x Althaia ✝: Keoni ♀ ✝ & Nikai β™‚
Illicit offspring 2016 x Potema: Koume ♀ & Kotake ♀ Melonii
Offspring 2017 x Amekaze ♀: Vela ♀, Galaxy ♀ ✝, Ran ♀ ✝ & Jarilo β™‚ Ostrega
Offspring 2018 x Amekaze ♀: Arcturus β™‚, Yama ♀, Yami ♀ & Uyo Revui Ostrega β™‚
Illicit offspring 2019 x Speedy ♀: Spica ♀, Syrma ♀, Castor β™‚, Acheron β™‚

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Pack History
Moonspear β€” October 20, 2015 - June, 2019
Alpha Male β€” October 20, 2015 - June 2019
Stavanger Bay β€” September 14, 2014 - October 21, 2015
Beta Male β€” June 14, 2015 - October 21, 2015
Puppy/Xi β€” September 14, 2014 - June 14, 2015
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