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Basic Info
Full Name: Mekkyaku Amekaze Rikudou-Ostrega
Subspecies: ½ Eastern Timber × ½ Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 7✝ (December 24, 2011 — June 11, 2019)
Birthplace: Mount Rikudou
At A Glance
Black unruly fur, mint green eyes, medium height, scar on her chest, long, lean, and very agile, smooth, and precise in the way she moves. Default expression is often a vaguely suspicious-looking smirk.
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Profile of Amekaze: Details
With rangy, roguish appearances, she was a long-bodied, dark black creature with a stance of a route, poised wolf. She was well-balanced and built, having a deep, laid back shoulder and long hip, although she always trended more towards the lean side, rather than overly muscular. Her gait was noteworthy, sinuous and precisely fluid without excess motion—never one to be weighed down by wasted movement. Herself a late-developing wolf, she put on more muscle with maturation, and retained her dense woodsmoke coat accented by her long, spiked, pronounced hackles—though in later years, adopted a subtle reddish cedar tint to her undercoat. Lacking natural markings, her silver tree green (ringed very faintly in persian plum) eyes were distinguishing features.

Her most noteworthy scars included a large scar at the bottom of her chest, a short horizontal mark on her left cheek, bear claw marks on the left side of her ribs, teethmarks on her left flank, and a crosshatching of scar tissue on the back of her neck, masked well by her wild furs.
A determined, tactical, independent, and perceptive spirit, she possesses a sense of enigmatic soulfulness and earthiness at the same time—which can hint at her more complex depths than what she often shows. She is possessive, distrustful, prideful, and selfish when it suits her with an overly-critical eye and drive for knowledge that can make her troublesome. Above all, she strives for balance and resonance to greet fate head on. ([extra info])
Born to alphas of powerful reputations and raised in times of war, she learned quickly and went on to prove herself adept in battle even before her first birthday. Amekaze established dominance over her siblings early and became her mother's apprentice in her sage teachings. Eventually, she grew apart from her littermates then became at odds with them. Her world was shaken most significantly when her younger sister was murdered after her brother was lost. She avenged, but remained unsettled. At her mother's suggestion, she left her homeland to find her focus again.

For several months she wandered as a lone wolf and eventually found the Teekon Wilds, and consequentially, the seaside where her interests flourished. A few places and packs caught her eye but all let her down for nearly a year until she joined the ranks of Swiftcurrent Creek. It was short-lived, however, for she left to help found the Sunspire mountain pack in the height of summer with Ferdie Von Pelt and Jace Du'Andris. By the beginning of autumn, she ascended to alphaship of the mountain after Ferdie went missing and ran the pack successfully for the span of several seasons. When their numbers waned and the pack became too quiet for far too long, Amekaze decided to relocate.

She combined their small numbers with another small pack, Stavanger Bay, at the proposal of their beta, Charon—a wolf she'd found injured in the mountains with a similar situation waiting for him back home. Together as dual alphas, they claimed Moonspear for their new pack. Amekaze fell into a comfortable routine with Charon at her side while the Spear grew then flourished, eventually leading to them promoting Flóki, Charon's younger brother, to beta. Come springtime, the alphas became mates, and the mountain pack further established itself.

However summer brought with it strife, first by way of a locust swarm then the famine that it caused. They managed to scrape by on the Spear, not without their own losses and struggle, until the greenery began its slow return. Events then culminated in a mountainside ram hunt that, although successful in felling a meal, injured much of the pack—some of which (Amekaze included) involved a nearby lightning strike. Just afterward, she went into season and was attacked by Lazarus, with his intentions to sire her litter. Charon, who'd already made the same claim, threw him from the mountain and after several weeks of searching for him, later returned his severed head to Amekaze.

On the last full moon of the summer, she had her first litter of four daughters. Three of them remained identical all throughout their growth, and together, the four of them grew fierce and loved. Late in the spring of the next year, her second litter was born, bringing her three more daughters and a son. Within the first few weeks, the smallest whelp proved malformed, so was left to the wilds. The parents, litter, and pack, move on without her to bolster their strength upon the mountain—encouraged more by the ascension of Hydra to beta beneath her parents. As such, the pack saw into its second year strong.

Another daughter Galaxy mysteriously died before her first birthday later on and war brewed in the neighboring packs well before. Meanwhile, the eldest daughter Korei left when opinions diverged as Moonspear's responses were to viciously protect their own and torment their foes accordingly. With a growing reputation of the sort, the pack split further, but at the core remained the Ostregas--a notion Amekaze propagated further by bearing her third litter in the springtime, only serving to amplify their protectiveness of family above all else, and their bountiful home. They raised and trained their offspring with a loving, but fierce touch. However, late in the summertime, one of that year's twins, Yami, went missing. When searches found no trace, they were left to assume the worst. > Revui vanishes as well > Alya disperses to Easthollow with Nikai > Blackfeather tensions rise and a few fights occur, although nothing major comes of it > Charon begins to pressure about her lack of a heat > Revui returns > the family is a wreck, Hydra breeds with Ame's permission, Charon sequesters away with a packmate in heat without > absolute shitshow in so many regards, Ame/Hydra align best still > Revui becomes beta, Arcturus hurt, but Revui disappears > Hydra ascends to alphaship, schemes for even more come to the forefront. Ame agrees on concept, disagrees with the approach involving a bastard litter > Ame attacks Charon, fighting, they both go over a cliffside to their ends.
Pack History
Grandparents: Jorine Kimuzukashii ♀✝, Ulrich Yomenimoakarui ♂✝, Dhyana Eizokusei ♀✝ & Tvastr Eizokusei ♂✝
Parents: Yuurei Oyama ♀✝ & Makyo Eizokusei ♂✝
Siblings: 12/24/2011: Yuugasumi Rikudou ♂✝, Taiyaku Rikudou ♂✝, Hakai Rikudou ♀✝, Kyuuden Rikudou ♂✝
11/10/2012: Mizuna Rikudou ♀✝, Kaminari Rikudou ♂✝
10/31/2013: Kōsetsu Rikudou ♂✝, Hinote Rikudou ♂✝, Shuryuu Rikudou ♀✝, Reikou Rikudou ♀✝
07/24/2014: Syakkiri Rikudou ♂
Cousins: Kaede Hayataka ♂, Jomyo Eizokusei ♀, among others

Mate: Charon Ostrega ♂✝
✫ 08/18/2016: Korei Julia Ostrega ♀✝, Alya Ostrega ♀, Lyra Ostrega ♀, Hydra Ostrega
✫ 05/10/2017: Vela Ostrega ♀, Galaxy Ostrega ♀✝, Ran Ostrega ♀✝, Jarilo Ostrega
✫ 03/31/2018: Arcturus Ostrega ♂, Yama Ostrega ♀, Yami Ostrega ♀, Uyo Revui Ostrega

06/17/2019: Antares Ostrega ♂, Atlas Ostrega ♂, Osiris Ostrega ♂, Vega Ostrega(Hydra ♀ × Dirge ♂)
05/07/2020: Altair Ostrega ♂, Caelum Ostrega ♂, Mira Ostrega ♀, Mintaka Ostrega(Hydra ♀ × Dirge ♂)
05/21/2020: Sialuk Ostrega ♀, Saviguk Ostrega(Kukutux ♀ × Jarilo ♂)
07/??/2020: Astyanax "Atauserk" Ostrega ♂, Glaucos "Malrok" Ostrega ♂, (Ikkalrok ♀ × Revui ♂)
(family tree)
Mount Rikudou (12/24/2011 — 09/08/2013)
Wanderer (09/09/2013 — 05/07/2014)
Swiftcurrent Creek (05/08/2014 — 06/07/2014)
The Sunspire (06/07/2014 — 10/20/2015)
Moonspear (10/20/2015 — forever)

Naturalist (meteorologist)
Mercenary (warrior, tactician)
Previously: Chronicler (historian)
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