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Basic Info
Full Name: Nyx Winterheart Ostrega
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 years (April 18, 2015)
Birthplace: Winterheart, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Eastern California, USA
At A Glance

Artwork by Lauren
Agouti wolfess swathed in earthen and golden hues, peppered heavily with black guard hairs all topped on beige undercoat with white markings (chin, 'V' on her chest and toes of her rear paws). Piercing, vivid yellow eyes. Sturdy physique, average height and length. Regularly sporting "resting bitch face".
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Artwork by ???
Nyx bears a dense coat that is primarily beige, topped with warm shades of gold and mahogany with charcoal guard hairs peppered heavily throughout her crown, nape, shoulders, back and tail. Bright white marks a bold 'V' on her chest as well as the toes of her rear paws. Her eyes are a fierce, toxic yellow.

She is sturdy, average sized wolfess with a solid frame, standing approximately 29 inches at the withers and weighing 95lbs. Behind her right ear and hidden among the dense fur of her ruff, Nyx bears the scar of a healed bite wound.
Nyx and her siblings were the result of their mother's unapproved mateship, and their Alpha grandfather insisted that the litter be destroyed. Their lives were saved by Kasaka's desperate pleading. Resented by the leader since learning of their conception, the girls were mostly ignored and as such, lived in relative comfort; it was Dirge who quickly presented as a threat to Cross' throne as he developed into a larger and more powerful frame as they transitioned into the adult ranks.

Dirge, tired of their grandfather's open dislike and bitterness, announced his leave of Winterheart in the days before their second birthday. Nyx and her sister Saor, eager to support his decision, opted to take their leave alongside him. Bidding their mother and a fond farewell, the trio left their natal pack one and for all and ventured into neutral territory.

They settled briefly in the Teekon, though ultimately ended up separated. Unable to find her siblings, Nyx continued East and joined the snake-worshippers of Ormarr beneath the rule of Quicksilver, where she integrated well and swiftly earned her place in their ranks. By Summer's end the Alpha was challenged and a former heir, Raddei, claimed his rightful place and around this time Nyx caught the eye of his son, Brunneus. Unwilling to settle, she rejected her comrade's countless attempts to court her and was ultimately ousted from the pack when she responded to his latest proposition with aggression and wounded him. She left willingly, and returned to the Teekon with the hope of reuniting with Dirge and Saor.

In her search for a pack to wait out the bitter Winter months, Nyx found herself on the coast and crossed paths with two young brothers, Lycaon and Ingram, who invited her to join them. She accepts, believing that they would simply remain a trio, but their small band continued to grow in the weeks following. They become Grimnismal, and Nyx resided contently among their ranks until Winter's end, when she entered an unexpected heat cycle and sought the company of the pack's Beta.

The pack began to splinter following the birth of an illicit litter within the ranks, which saw an unexpected change of leadership from the yearling Wylla to the seasoned coywolf, Caiaphas. The admission of Nyx' own pregnancy (a betrayal not only of her subordinates, but of her brother who played part) drove the former to abandon the coast, and this was the beginning of the end for Grimnismal. She went on to whelp her brood of six, though her blind rage ended the lives of five. The sixth, a porcelain son, was somehow spared and the Nyx was ejected from the pack.

She crossed paths with the long-lost Dirge and together they agreed to venture further inland, though Nyx' heart was heavy with grief. They ultimately parted ways once more, with Nyx returning to her birthplace where she sought her mother's guidance. She lived among her family for a time before deciding to return to the Teekon and settled as a wolf of Diaspora, where she lived quietly.

Following the sudden loss of their General, Stigmata, Nyx grew closer to Mahler - who stepped up as leader in his kill-brother's place. At first they did not recognise one another from their time in Grimnismal, but the tawny Ostrega was fearful of what knowledge he might possess of her crime there. Able to relax when it became apparent he was not aware, Nyx' anxiety subsided - and she later shared with him a budding desire to whelp once more in the Springtime.

She chose Mahler to sire her brood, and this sparked a whole new uncertainty: former Grimnismal Alphess, Wylla, returned and Mahler's second, Takiyok, would not approve of litters born to Diaspora that were not her own. Still, a contract was set in the Wintertime and despite reluctance to anticipate the arrival of her heat cycle, Nyx began to plan for whatever babes that her future would bring.

With Diaspora's numbers dwindling, Mahler joined forces with another of the Sunspire packs, Courtfall, and together they settled as Sagtannet in the spires to the southern range. Her litter was conceived and Nyx continued to support the pack as best as she could as she awaited the arrival of her cubs.
Pack History
Nyx is a daughter of Kelso Ostrega and Kasaka Winterheart, the product of an unapproved mating that almost resulted in the deaths of she and her siblings. She was born alongside siblings Dirge, Saor, Grey and Lestra. Her only son is Svalinn*, sired by Lycaon. Her daughters, Cirilla and Elke were sired by Mahler.

* Nyx does not know him by this name.
Winterheart (04/15 - 04/17)
Lone Wolf (04/17 - 07/17)
Ormarr (07/17 - 11/17)
Lone Wolf (11/17 - 01/18)
Grimnismal (01/18 - 05/18)
Lone Wolf (05/18 - ??/??)
Winterheart (??/?? - ??/??)
Diaspora/Sagtannet (??/?? - present)
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