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Basic Info
Full Name: Lumiya "Lumi" Meridia Melonii
Subspecies: Arctic, Eastern timber and Mackenzie Valley wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0.2 (5/4/2019)
Birthplace: Phantom Hollow, The Melonii
At A Glance
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Profile of Lumiya: Details
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Lumiya is pretty from the very start. Unlike her littermates and many of the Melonii family, her coat is a light and shining silver chalice. As she grows up she develops a dark cape of woodsmoke and tundora that tips both ears and creates an interesting pattern on the upside of her tail. It also paints her hind feet and creates the lash markings on her face.

Her mask is the same silver and woodsmoke, accented by a stark pearly alabaster on the sides of her nose and inside of her ears as well as under and above each eye. Speaking of her eyes, Lumiya has heterochromia that she most likely inherited from her mother. Her left is a warm, calming bossanova purple and French lilac while her right is a cold alto white. She'll be the smallest of her litter with a slender build not unlike a forest spirit.

Her animal familiar is a sweet, round albino screech owl (Megascops) called Loinnir. In the pawprints you'll find the complete story of how Lumi and him met.

Human counterpart:
Aurora Aksnes

An unusually quiet child. Has a habit of wandering. Doesn't fight back when beaten up, though clearly not submissive. No violent tendencies whatsoever and a deep fascination with nature. Easily trusts adults, though the second that trust is broken she will not speak to the individual for moons.

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Pack History
Parents: Astrid Nyx Apaata ♀ x Damien Mehrunes Melonii
Littermate(s): Revan Malacath Melonii ♂, Venamis Molag Melonii ♂ & Zannah Mephala Melonii
Mate: None

Half-siblings: Airi ♀, Kaori ♀, & Shiori
Grandparents: Bane ♂, Meldresi ♀, Kove ♂, and Nemesis
Aunts & Uncles: Cicero ♂, Potema ♀, Pietro ♂, Kendra ♀, Xan ♂, Sesi ♀, Nanook ♀, Valette ♀, Atshen ♂, Keelut ♂, Abraxas ♂, Aningan ♂, Sos ♂, & Tunerk
Cousins: Koume ♀, Kotake ♀, Vaati ♂, Ganondorf ♂, Euron ♂, Maegi ♀, Ramsay ♂, Averna ♀, Astara ♀, Nunataq ♀, Yakone ♀, Marten ♂, Lucas ♂, Piper ♀, Wyatt ♂, Steph ♀, Ezra ♂, Clary ♀, Keen ♀, Arlette ♀, Merrit ♂, Leta ♀, Newt ♂, West ♂, & Clay

The Melonii

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