Profile of Renard: Quick Facts

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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Renard
Subspecies: American Akita (25%) x Timber Wolf (75%)
Gender: Nonbinary
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (January 2017)
Birthplace: Yukon, Canada
At A Glance
[Image: 8505744_k8nkJOd9YElZAAl.png]
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Renard is currently away. Reason: school starting, will be slower than normal
Away Since: September 19, 2020 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Renard: Details
[Image: 8505737_ZqMuxHYqWWTyOWs.png]

shorter than most, with a somewhat stronger build than might be expected for their height. renard's coat is a thick brown-and-black with deep scarring along their side and chest, their curled tail a noticeable giveaway of their dog heritage. a pair of bright violet eyes gleam above their customary smile.
[Image: 8505797_dKkJ9sD1AKOUZk8.png]

+ a follower who prefers for their talents to remain under the call of someone else -- as long as that someone else remains interesting.
+ has a weird sort of fondness for people who break the rules, especially the rules they themselves are following; though they're a follower, their loyalty is flexible and ultimately dependent on what intrigues them the most.
+ laid back and fairly polite, a mask that is rarely broken even by anger. often nothing but dryly sarcastic otherwise.
+ approaches all things with skepticism and some degree of caution, and appreciates those who do the same; finds impulsive behavior childish.
+ fond of fighting as a bonding activity, though if there is actual conflict to be had, is not above using underhanded tricks.
+ casts little outward judgment on anyone, and rarely steps in on any matter; they keep their own counsel, and while they're quite capable of holding respect for others, it rarely extends into trust.

Pack History
currently following praimfaya
[Image: 23191347_oCufKt8D575xV8O.png]

AION'S COURT: 1/12/2017 - 12/4/2019
        child, ↑ recruit, ↑ soldier, ↑ executioner

LONE WOLF: 12/4/2019 - 6/9/2020
SAINTS OF THE DYING LIGHT: 6/9/2020 - 9/11/2020
        underling, ↑ specialist, ↑ blade

LONE WOLF: 9/11/2020 -
Profile of Renard: Additional Information
renard is biologically male + appears that way. they do not consider gender to be important to them and refer to themselves with neutral pronouns. when rping you can feel free to either just use they/them or to assume he/him; in the latter case renard will correct it.

they're fluent in english + inuvialuktun, but don't use the latter much.

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Player Information: markab
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hi i'm emma/markab!
23, nonbinary, they/them please :)
i live in michigan, eastern standard time. i'm a full-time college student, work as a writing consultant, and have adhd, so i may be erratic with posting at times but am working on being consistent. feel free to msg me on discord about any issues or just to talk :)

don't have primaries bc my muse varies wildly, but i'm more likely to have it for condor and caw since i seem to write them easier. i will prioritize group threads.

discord: markab#9499