Sea Lion Shores when i die, you can push me out to sea
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Lone Wolves

Seeking ONE other participant, please. His rib cage markings are not visible, as he is covered in seaweed. If there’s no interest, I’ll just archive it as READ ONLY. ^^

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        The storm could hardly be called kind, but when she thrust the wolf ashore — amidst a ropy mass of fleshy seaweed and other such flotsam — she did so with rare gentleness. He coasted placidly before simply materializing when the seafoam fizzled away, a creature fashioned of salt and whitewater and serrated sharkteeth. Only the faint rise and fall of his narrow breast, littered with old scars that showed pinkly against his pallid fur, hinted at life — and one would have to be looking for that flicker of motion to really see it. Otherwise, there was not much to discern the sodden pile of wolfflesh from the sand or the weed that threatened to bury him alive.
January 12, 2019, 03:21 PM
The Vartija
        a low grumble of unverbalized complaint rumbles in the tundrian's chest as he trudges along sea lion shore. this isn't the way he'd wanted to go but a last second adjustment to his path took him this way nevertheless. besides it was a shortcut ( of sorts ) and following the coast back up towards the taiga was the easiest path. he'd had his fill of complicated trekking and scouting for a bit and there was an impatient insistence to get back to permafrost hollows and check in on the recruits he'd left to care for it and sent it's way. mostly, he just wants to begin the harrowing process of claiming it — to give himself a small and owed break from recruiting. trying to divide his attention between claiming and recruiting made wintersbane wish that he could split himself in two so he could do both at once.

        a storm must've just recently passed through, he notes, as he trudges through the sand, wet from rains and side-stepping thick tangles of seaweed that washed ashore during the upheaval. as it is, he strolls right past the living mass buried beneath the tangle of seaweed — not even realizing that he's there and missing the cue that someone's buried beneath the cover of seagrasses.

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and that was the thing about him.
he kept on surviving
with bullet holes in his lungs
and knife marks etched in his back