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Star had taken Ibis' advice on finding what had happened to the Swiftcurrent Creek wolves. She had followed the girl's directions, heading east as directed, hopefully towards Lost Creek Hollow, where the leaders may have some information. She had passed Duck Lake, a place that had been once familiar to her, now distant and empty. It brought up memories of hunting birds alongside friends there when she was young- now the Lake's namesake seemed to be missing- so the famine was true.

She had continued on, now she found herself upon a series of rolling hills. The sun shone upon the long stretch of grasses. Trees littered the land here and there, but she had not yet met the forest Ibis spoke of. She could see it in the distance, a green line on the horizon. She was walking in this direction, onyx eyes fixated on her destination, her pace determined, yet significantly slower than it had once been.

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The loss of the bison was concerning, to say the least, especially with winter fast approaching. Each morning Kove watched dutifully from beyond the stones, scanning the landscape and hoping that he would spot some movement, some sign of prey. But each morning was the same as the last, not even a trace of the herd to be found—and it was not only the bison that had gone astray, either, he realised. Anything aside from the occasional hare was gone; vanished from the valley in such a way that made him wonder if they’d ever truly been there at all. The quakes were to blame, this he was certain of, but what would that mean for the pack? For his family? Hesitation. What would happen? He gave a hard shake of his head, disregarding the thoughts that threatened him.

Nothing would happen, he would make damn sure of it.

Kove excused himself before the sun really had a chance to rise, letting @Valette know that he was going on a stroll beforehand; he said only that he needed to stretch his legs and that he would be back soon, not wanting to leave without saying anything. From there he ventured north, seeking a trail to follow and scents to track. But the farther he went, the more frustrated he became, the harsh reality of their situation dawning on him.

The herds were gone. Not just the bison but all of them—that which should be migrating through the valley was not to be found, nor were there any indicators that they had come through recently. The valley was void of prey, even the small game scarce.

The Inuk continued nevertheless, not wanting to return entirely empty-handed. Even if it was just a rabbit, it would at least be something. Only when he noticed a pale figure in the distance did his pace falter, mind curious but instincts insisting he avoid; a famine had a way of altering the mind and Kove did not want to see what others may turn to in a time of great crisis. And yet, his legs did not alter his course, drawn forward towards the retreating wolf by an unknown force; a feeling, or perhaps it was a thought, lingered in the back of his mind, encouraging him to approach. There was something familiar about the distant stranger—or perhaps it was just an old man’s mind playing tricks on him, leading him to believe he was back in the far north, where every pale body offered familiarity. Whatever it was he neither argued with nor challenged himself, and instead focused on reaching the individual before his body demanded he rests.
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Star was unaware for a bit as the man approached. But after not too long, she realized something had appeared in the corner of her eye. In her peripheral vision, there it was, a glistening figure not unlike herself in color. Her head turned in curiosity to get a glimpse of the stranger who seemed to be headed straight towards the old woman. A white wolf with a build much larger than Star's. Surely they could see her... did they specifically head in her direction with intent to address her, she wondered? She was confident she had not crossed any marked borders, unless her nose had begun to fail her in her old age.

After standing and staring at the distant man for a moment, she began to approach him as well. She politely let out a friendly bark in his direction to inform him that she was approachable. The closer she got, the more she seemed to squint at him even as his figure became clearer. Her forehead creased in thought. There was something familiar about this man that she couldn't quite put her paw on. It felt as if his name or story was on the tip of her tongue, and yet, she could not recall the slightest detail. She wondered if perhaps at this age she was becoming delusional, recognizing wolves she had never known. Surely she would have remembered the friends she once had? What was still unknown to her, floating at the edge of her memory, was that this was not exactly a friend.

Even though the appearance of the man was only something she distantly recalled, his voice had been one that bounced around the walls of her brain for years after, a voice that told her how nobody had come to search for her, how loyalty wasn't as important as she once thought it was. But her memories had not yet come back to her. So she put on a slight smile in the direction of the man, hesitant to ask if she had once known him, lest he believe her a crazy old hag.