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All Welcome  March 04, 2020, 09:55 AM
With her time in the season having come to an end, and with news of Wylla's recent whelping, Nyx was at last content to venture further from her more secluded hiding places. She was in good spirits that afternoon, glad to be able to stretch her limbs as she roamed through Sagtannet territory without crossing paths with the fire-tempered leader she'd been so fortunate enough to avoid almost entirely since her arrival at Diaspora's hollow.

Nyx, feeling a familiar itch to wander that'd been absent from her mind for months, picked up her pace when she found a straight trail ahead. She found herself sprinting forward for no reason, felt the spike of her pulse as she galloped without reason, without care.

Freedom, she thought, keen to make the most of it before the arrival of a litter she so desperately longed to meet.

March 05, 2020, 03:16 PM
*snags this* >:D

heat was a pain, for old and new. gracious still had her cycles and luckily finished hers while she was in the vale. no risk of an unwanted pregnancy. while she wished for a child to call her own, it was not her place to desire. she was of no important ranking and had no mate for her to cherish the life with. perhaps, she would do a little husband hunting in her free time.

her thoughts crumbled away during her trek along the trail she found herself on. the sound of thundering paws came closer and closer, gracious lifted her gaze up to a streak of gold coming right towards her. small, perhaps just small to gracious considering the woman was just plain huge. it was a rather thin trail and gracious would have to think fast or else she would be collided into by the golden wolf at full force.

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