The Sunspire Tried to do[m]esticate you
Private  August 01, 2020, 07:16 PM
Reneian Empire
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marked mature for mature discussion of assault etc.

Takeshi had caught himself a fish among the streams of the mountains, something medium that was good enough for him. He picked it apart, little bones snapping, devouring the meat until he had his fill. A couple of scales and a touch of blood still clung to his lips, but he swiped over with a tongue, clearing most of it away. He tossed what remained of his meal back into the stream, and then continued onward, following its path down stony slopes.

August 01, 2020, 11:25 PM
Finley Grebe
Lone Wolves

She hadn’t stopped. Brushed off metaphorical sleeves as though nothing had happened, and it was back to business, and now business meant traveling solo along the mountainside. Sleep felt dangerous. Rainfall from the previous night still clung to her coat; she hadn’t bothered shaking it off. Onward, only onward.

Exactly what possessed Finley to climb higher still up the Sunspire was, like many things of recent concern, far beyond her conscious awareness. The reasoning bobbed along downstream, bones in the water, bumping to and fro against the stones.

Fish bones, she noted. A light breeze downwind carried the faintest trace of blood. Recent. The predator was close.