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Basic Info
Full Name: Pygmalion 'Pyg' Pangloss
Subspecies: Arctic wolf (c. l. arctos)
Sex: Male
Age: Dead (June 12, 2016 - January 20, 2020)
Birthplace: Nunavut
At A Glance
s o f t b o y e ?

voice claim
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Profile of Pygmalion: Details

A vision in white. A plush, broad-shouldered man whose gentle nature and soft voice contradicts his massive frame. Two glistening deep brown eyes above black nose and lips.
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Hopeless romantic. Means well but slightly obnoxious. Inserts himself into conversations and situations even if not needed. Happy-go-lucky. Borderline obsessive.
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Middle child of a large litter from a large family. Passive and often overlooked. Why not set off to forge his own path in the world?

nm he dead
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Pack History
Atticus & Hester Pangloss

Pirrup 'Pip' , Penelope , Pandora , Phileas 'Phil'

Older siblings
Tristam , Tess
Gatsby , Golightly , Gilbert , Gulliver

Younger siblings
Lolita , Lecter , Lemuel 'Lem'
Sherlock , Scarlett
Dorian , Dashwood 'Dash' , Darling
Family pack
Birth — August 2019

Lone wolf
August 2019 — November 2019

Uaine Gorsedd
November 2019 — January 2020
Profile of Pygmalion: Additional Information
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I have a mouth, but do not speak. I have a bed, but never sleep. What am I?