Heron Lake Plateau when im a dead boy, build a bench
All Welcome  April 12, 2018, 12:01 PM
Blackfeather Woods
Set the 17th

Screech had made frequent visits to the lake in the process of filling and emptying his bladder, but it was today that he paused along the edge to watch the stilled surface. There was one of the namesake birds stalking through the cattails nearby, and either it was oblivious of its audience or it just didn't give a fuck about the wolf, because it didn't fly off as he arrived. With one swift javelin of it's beak the bird caught a frog or something - and then Screech looked away, more interested in the lake versus the tall bird. If there were fish here then he wouldn't have to fight those damn geese for their eggs - the event had probably scarred him for life  (as expected). He huffed with uncertainty, but began to explore the lakeside for resources.