Heron Lake Plateau lemonhope
All Welcome  May 23, 2018, 02:02 PM
Blackfeather Woods
Okay, so Screech had been trying to make nice, but his encounter with Clover must've set him back by a bit, and he wasn't stupid enough to ignore that fact. He also knew that ranting about things didn't help; it was a habit he needed to break, sure, but that was a trial for another day. Right this second he was looming over a very plump duck carcass.

The mother duck had been protecting a nest at some point, and Screech had entertained himself for a couple of hours by stressing her out — but in the process of doing that, she'd redirected him away from her hidden nest. Now, she was very dead and the nest was abandoned somewhere on the plateau — but at least he had this fat bird to tout around.

Now he just needed to decide on what to do with it. He could be selfish and eat the whole thing himself, or bury it nearby to someone who needed it (Niamh sprung to mind first, then, ugh, Finley). In the end he chose to seek out @Elwood of all people — despite having a vague sinking feeling that his encounters with the Blackthorn kids might make this a bad move — and with the mother duck swaying limply from his jaws, he set out for a romp.