Lost Creek Hollow Vivamus, moriendum est
All Welcome  January 11, 2019, 04:16 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
It was a misty afternoon in November, last rays of the sunlight had hidden behind thick, dark grey clouds and the air was frosty and clear. Sarah found Cassandra, resting atop a trunk of a fallen tree, watching the area. Her younger sister wore the same far-off look, as if her spirit was miles away from the body's present location. While the older sibling had never truly understood this kind of peculiarity, she knew not to disturb her and wait patiently.

After a while Cass came around again, her silver eyes alight, her being present and she greeted her with a smile. "Were there many of them this time?" Sarah asked, tilting her head to the side curiously. "Quite, though their alotted time in this world is coming to an end. They are returning to the Underworld," her sister replied. "Did you see anyone we might now?" Sarah inquired further. "They were not among them, no," Cass said, guessing correctly, what had been implied. After all, no one in their family had died yet. 

Sarah was moulded of a different material than Wraen, Cass and Janus. They - it had seemed to her - always were hovering slightly above the ground, not really in touch with the real world and it's problems. Osprey and Dante had loved them all the same and had not bothered about their differences from the rest, but for the down-to-earth, no-nonesense person that Sarah was, she had hard time accepting them, for who they were, without trying to change them. Her powers of imagination in a purely impractical plane were limited and she simply could not follow Wraen in her colorful world of stories, join Cassandra in her walks with the ghosts or understand Janus's musings, who had been too mature for a kid his age. 

Yet, now that she was stranded away from the rest, she wished she could have just a bit of that power to see beyond the veil and know that her family was safe and sound. Not knowing was horrible and all the "what if"s of the days past gnawed her soul every single day. At times it was hardly bearable to see that other people's lives moved on, they could engage and do all these simple routine things, while her life had come to a standstill. She could not set her deals with the past straight and was unable to move forward. 

But even the broken-hearted have to tend for their most primitive needs and Sarah had left her den to follow tracks of a small deer that led back to the same river, where Terance had found her a week ago. When her mind was focused solely on finding sustenance, it was able to rest from the shadows that was haunting it on daily basis.