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So, fishing was harder than it looked. Between the swiftness of the fish themselves and the refractive nature of water, he found himself really struggling to perfect the craft. He wondered if hunting on land was just as difficult, and figured he might as well give it a shot (what was the worst that could happen?). Aningan abandoned the shoreline and made his way into the forest, delving into the shade as far as he could until the shadows themselves seemed to become one with the trees. For a moment, he stared in awe at the darkened treeline, only to break through the second a scent his his nose—it was faint, having passed through longer ago than what he preferred, but not a lost cause. With little more analysis of the scent aside from that, Aningan stalked off after it.

Characters are more than welcome to mistake Aningan for a polar bear.
A snowy owl can also be noted hanging around with Aningan, usually in the trees or sky, unless stated otherwise in my posts.
September 30, 2019, 03:58 PM
Saving <3
So, it was a day after one of theirs was attacked by coyotes. No matter, they were gone now.
They'd all have to be more vigilant with border patrols.

Currently, though, he was hunting in the trees. His favourite to hunt were birds. He could do it with the knack. He found it so easy.  They tasted good though and were almost always halfway between tough and soft. A crackling of another wolf alerted him, and wondered if they too were hunting. Probably not, but he wasn't too bothered about these birds. He just wanted to make sure the caches were filled enough.

He emerged from the bushes, meeting the pale Alpha.  
"What you hunting?" It was obvious now that he was.

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