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A day or so after his emergence Reyes learned of the fate of his family. While he had been hidden away and on the mend with his fever, his sister had gone missing. It struck his ego a hard blow - this boy who thought himself a protector and warrior, corralled by a lowly sickness and then having one of his charges vanish from sight; it hurt more in knowing that he could've protected her, saved her, if only he'd been well. Wherever she was, Reyes was adamant that he follow. He would hunt her down and bring her home, proving his skills to everyone of Rusalka - and most of all, to rekindle some level of faith in himself.

But he was still a boy. He tried to confront @Rosalyn about his plan but when tasked with hunting her down, he discovered that she was also absent. He could not compose himself beyond feeling - and acting - like a petulant child, feeling inadequate with the slow dawning realization that he'd somehow lost his mother, too. Reyes gushed frustration and confusing rage (not unlike his unknowable father) before he began scoured the shared spaces of the beach for --- well, he couldn't remember after a few paces.

Reyes' mind went back to Clementine repeatedly, and each thought of her brought further ire to his spirit. He coursed his way with agitated stomps and a bristling back, across the sand and up towards the steep ridge to the south of the beach, and that was where he came across his brother @Scarab's scent; it wasn't strong, but it too gave the boy something to trail after. He worried that his brother might have slipped away with a similar goal in mind and hunted the ridge for him, only pausing when a dull glimmer of gold caught his eye near one of the many entrances to the black pine forest.

Hey! Scab! He called out, belligerent yet purposeful as he plunged in to the dark - Wait up!
September 08, 2019, 06:02 AM
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hey! scab! scarab's steps pause as he plunges into the shadows like a golden wraith as reyes' voice carries towards him. clutched possessively in his jaws is a raven skull salt bleached. a breath pushes past his lips, whistling softly around and through the hollow skull as he considers not stopping. he is glad that reyes is feeling better and is up and around but he does not forget the last time reyes was in his menagerie and why he had to relocate it to a chamber of the grotto in the first place.

his collection was just of dead and pretty things he finds — things that can be replaced — but they are apart of himself that he isn't all that keen on sharing. with anyone. least of all his destructive brother. wait up! scarab takes a few more steps and then stops and turns towards the mouth of the dark woods with a heavy sigh, torn. he drops the skull at his paws and waits for reyes to appear. what do you want, reyes? scarab asks him as soon as his silhouette breaches the shadowed woodlands.

it's a quality of the gods
to see a creature with its back broken
and be unmoved —