Whitefish River sail
All Welcome  September 13, 2019, 12:52 PM
hoping for @Dawn & @Dauntless <3
He's been scarce lately — scarce enough to hardly notice the scents of his siblings within the territory. But he does notice it, even if he's stifled every part of him that wants to run to find them so far. Well, until now. He isn't certain what's different about today, but as he wakes and departs silently from @Evergreen, he knows he needs to see them.
He heads for the riverside first, half-wondering if he'll spot one of them fishing. But only the rush of sparkling water greets him, and he finds himself floundering for several moments. Is he ready? Are they? Does it even matter? He swallows, then tips his head back to call for them both, hoping they're somewhere within the territory. He's not sure if he has it in him to search for them.

Winterbourne's voice is low and raspy due to a throat injury during his childhood, and it can sometimes be difficult to understand him.
September 13, 2019, 02:22 PM
Settling in had taken far longer than Dauntless had expected. He had realized at once that he was putting off tracking down his siblings -- one older and one younger -- but to his frustration, he could not quite find the nerve to actually face them. What if they were angry with him? He'd departed shortly after their father's death, and it seemed as though the pack had been completely dissolved. Was it his fault? And even if it wasn't, would River remember him? Would he know Dauntless only as a distant figure from a painful past? A stranger? And Dawn -- Dauntless felt as though he'd failed her. She'd taken on so much even before their father's death, and Dauntless had disappeared into the aether.

But even with these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings consuming him, Dauntless drew great comfort from being around their familiar scents. It settled him in ways he'd almost forgotten, and drove him to work harder on bringing food in to the caches. Too, the scent of pups in the area filled him with hope and energy; perhaps this was a place and a people he could learn to call his home.

When River called out for them, he finally felt ready. Large, brown paws carried him quickly to the source, where a wolf who could not, under any circumstance, be his little brother already stood. Dauntless gaped at him, feeling off-put and uncertain until he picked out the lean grace of Catori in his figure, the glint of Grayday in his eyes. That felt like a punch to the gut, actually. And his wintry hood was all River, and Dauntless's tail began to wheel in excitement even as he lowered his head and splayed his ears in apology.

"Hey, River," he said lamely, closing some of the distance between them. "It's... it's been a long time."
September 13, 2019, 03:01 PM
their scents she'd largely discounted as blurred memories turned outlandish hopes she's largely ignored, especially since she's spent so long out of the territory the past few days. but when the call rings out for her, and Dauntless, she swallows, allowing her belief that the scent might not be figments of a hopeful memory after all.

she arrives on the heels of who she recognizes as dauntless, and the second man - river. she swallows, surprised at the sudden grief she feels. "dauntless—river. you're alive." she blinks at them, striding forward to sweep her gave over both, awe in her gaze as she compares the wolves before her to the youth she'd seen last.