Haunted Wood a fearful devotion to a place without shape
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discussed with @Vengeance beforehand, jakoul is attempting to steal and should be becoming a captive. all injuries would be welcomed please don't kill though

Hunger, hunger, hunger.

She could smell the tantalizing scent beyond the borders like a siren's song. What once might have been regarded as a wall, seemed like a mere minor obstacle to her goal. She could slither close to the ground through the trees. Use the fog as a shroud from prying eyes. It was with feverish steps that she wished to close in.

Logically she would not make it far, it was impossible! Logically, someone would catch her. Yet each step felt like a secured triumph to her feat in her withered mind.

Just a bite! Oh, but she was further than she knew from the closest cache. Soon the hunter would become the hunted. A less desperate mind would see that.
December 03, 2019, 11:01 PM
Vengeance (RIP)
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Indeed the hunter would become the hunted. The moment she had stepped across the border, he was already following her. At first, he kept his distance, studying her pattern and what she might be after. Logically she would be heading toward the caches, but her scent was similar to that of the twisted woman Maegi who had come to try and take Hela home. Was this another attempt to try and coax the young female to go back to their woods?

No, her trajectory continued on that toward the caches. The famine had dragged a hungry soul into their snare, into the flytrap's maw. Paws thudded against the ground at a quickening pace as he now aimed to close the distance between himself and the trespasser, closer, closer until the dark figure finally came into sight. A growl announced his presence, tearing through the silence of the mist surrounding them. This was his mist, after all, he had called this fog home long enough to know the ins and outs of it and she could not hide from him in this pale shroud. 

Darkened lips pulled back as gums glittered in the pale light, thick yellowed fangs exposed to the mist before he charged forward to the poor soul who had dared to cross the borders in order to nibble on their precious belongings. A train with teeth initiating a battle as he tackled her face first.
December 03, 2019, 11:17 PM
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She had nothing that he had to prepare her for it. She did not know these woods like the back of her own paw, she did not have whatever experience he might have hidden away and most certainly she did not possess his raw strength.

The cold, hard earth would be her only cushion. She would, whether she tried to fight it or not, be overcome by him. If he kept her below his mass she would only offer a peel back of her lip to expose teeth. Not of aggression or defensiveness. It was simple fear. The kind that rimmed her eyes with white.

Even the most desperate minds knew when they were outweighed.
December 04, 2019, 04:10 PM
Vengeance (RIP)
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the last few prisoners all had major injuries to stop them from climbing out of the pit too soon, did you want to do that with Jakoul too? Some had broken legs while Nakara has a severed muscle, she can heal at any pace you want! Otherwise, we can figure something else out! <3 it's just an offer

She didn't seem interested in fighting back, most would fight tooth and nail the moment they were found out - perhaps she was too tired, or knew that fighting out only worsen the outcome. He indeed held her below him, firmly pressing a paw against her frame in an attempt to keep her in place. The young woman simply snarled back, her pearly whites flashing in a threat while he did the same. Two grimaces smiling at one another as silence filled the air around them, a deafening hush of the woods that was almost palpable. 

He was perhaps having a little more fun in this standoff than she was as his snarl curled into a vicious smile. 

Good news, I have use for you alive. He said as if it was anything but good. He knew it was smarter to kill someone instead of letting them live as prisoners - but where was the fun for letting someone get the sweet relief of death than to watch them squirm, to watch their progression. Revui was the most interesting of them all, he had joined them, out of spite and the desire for retribution, but he would be interesting to watch none the less... this one, well, there were many uses a captive could fill. 

Not to mention... she probably would eat more by nibbling on the scraps they tossed in there. Maybe.
December 04, 2019, 04:23 PM
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she already would be at a disadvantage with her uneven gait from a recently-healed broke leg but i'm okay with muscle damage!

Words, they flowed out of his deathly smile and yet he had uttered the word alive. She knew that one well but she despised the way it sounded. Especially as of late. Not once had she asked for such a promise. She had not begged to keep going. The world kept giving in such crudely mysterious ways.

Yet she would not utter a word back to him. Nor would she fight back against the weight he pressed on her. Her lip would lower ever so slightly, not as fearful but still wary. He had done nothing she wouldn't have done in his position. So at his mercy she would be until fate decided what was to be done with her.
December 04, 2019, 08:28 PM
Vengeance (RIP)
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That works!! Serem is also working on toxicologist trade, so if you want her to be drugged a bit that's an option too! We can do whatever you think is fun!

Silent. There was no vocal exchange between himself and the woman, in fact, it felt more or less like he was talking to himself. Being a creature of action rather than diplomacy, he read into her actions instead. They spoke volumes more so than any words could. She was fearful before, now weary, there was an acceptance for her fate to come and though he would not admit it, the Warlord had a certain respect for her. She didn't have the same fire as the others, that fire he enjoyed, but she came off as clever... maybe a strong survival instinct bore deep into her, dictating her actions for the best course of action in order to survive. 

Get up. He demanded while stepping back, giving her enough space to move - but should she run, he was close enough to begin the whole ordeal all over again. This time, his "mercy" would not be so sweet. I'll take you to your new home. He would give her that dignity to walk herself to the pit; but should she drag her feet, he would nip and bite to try and push her to move at a more acceptable pace. 

He was also not opposed to the idea of dragging her ass there himself. He had done so with a crazed Vanity, he would very well do that with this one too.
December 04, 2019, 09:09 PM
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it'd be fun to donate her towards serem's toxicologist work!

He would release her, the pressure no longer a prison against her frame. She would roll onto her belly as she stayed crouched, underside brushing the cold earth. A quick footed dance in a circle around him before she halted near his side.

This was not home. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Yet she wondered if that meant food, if he would fill her belly as the woods once had. She would play along with that feverish hunger in her stomach. Although she would be more than happy to move along at a reasonable pace she would certainly need guidance. She knew not where he deemed her home.
December 05, 2019, 11:13 AM
Vengeance (RIP)
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@Serem, you have someone new to play with for that toxicologist trade! No need to reply to this thread <3 Jakoul, this thread doesn't have to go on much longer! Maybe a couple more posts and we can close it if you wanna move on!

Every now and then as they walked he would nip or push her into the desired path, guiding her toward the pit that others had called home before her. It would mean he would have to go hunting and find something for him to eat soon should she nibble on some scraps and survive a little longer. Serem would have a good time practicing her poisons on the dark female, the pups a new plaything to practice actual combat with (weakened, but better than an inanimate object if no one was around to train them personally). 

And maybe he could squeeze out information from her home, that pack she carried on her back that was similar to that of the twisted woman Maegi. Though she was silent still, maybe he could coax something out of her eventually. 

For him, it was no time at all until they stood at the edge of the broken ravine, "the pit" as they called it. A name he was not fond of, but it stuck. Well. Make yourself at home. With that said, as smoothly and calmly as it fluttered free from his tongue - he moved to push her in. Shouldering her abruptly and hard enough in a clear attempt to throw her down the side and into the emptiness below.
December 05, 2019, 02:42 PM
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Down she would go, a stumble or a tumble but regardless of how she met the earth below, she would stare up at him. The Captive's aim was still the same regardless of her new obstacles. She would only offer a sharp click of her ivory teeth. The gentle echo of it bounced off the pit's walls, amplified her desires.

Pay attention to me. Look, look, L O O K.

Hunger. She would rear on hind legs, front paws rested against the wall of her new residence. Not home. There was little chance she'd escape on her own with a hind leg so freshly healed from such a serious injury. Yet she foolishly trusted that if he had let her live even with her feverish thievery attempt, he might sustain her as well.
December 18, 2019, 11:38 PM
Vengeance (RIP)
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Sorry for the wait!! I'll have him exit here if you wanna archive the thread! I opened one with Abaddon <3

Peering down from above, he indeed looked down at her as her gaze demanded. Her single word fluttered through his ears, finally breaking her silence as she demanded food. Didn't they all? But of course, as their guest, he would oblige. You will eat as soon as I find some meat. You will eat what I eat, what we eat, and nothing more. Whatever Vengeance or the rest of the pack would throw down at them. He hoped, for her sake, that she wasn't a picky eater... he was practicing his cannibalistic tendencies more nowadays with the famine. If she had a strong sense of morality against such a taboo - perhaps she will starve after all. 

Because as far as he knew, the majority of the Nightwalkers dabbled in such a dish.