Firestone Hot Springs You're saying the words that I want you to say
Private  May 22, 2020, 10:32 PM

She knew her days of being able to leave the territory to search for herbs were limited. Her trip out with Emrik the other day had been very productive but there were still some things she needed. She rarely left the territory, especially now, but she hated the idea of being low on supplies with three litters due soon in Kaistleoki. She could have asked her mate to go with her, but she hadn't been able to find him that morning and she only planned to go a short distance—not too far to call for help if she needed it. 

To her great surprise, she had come across a raspberry bush not too far from the borders. Leaves held gently between her paws, she had continued on a little more to see if she might find anything else. Her wandering lead her to the hot springs, and she was hit with an instant wave of nostalgia. The last time she had been here was with Slavik, and that felt like a lifetime ago; it kind of made her sad, but the feeling was quickly dashed away by how grateful she was for what she had now. 

The muscles of her abdomen were awfully sore today, which she knew was normal this close to having the pups, but a faint cramp brought her back to the present. She wondered if she might have pushed herself too far today. She knew better, too, and would not hesitate to rebuke one of her packmates for doing the same. She sat down and placed the leaves at her feet, blowing a few breaths out of her mouth as she waited for the discomfort to pass. Once it did, she would return home.