Tormented Tarns Innocence gone but it's not forgot
Blackfoot Forest
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She had gone away without a word. With her had gone @Yrsa and yet, on this return, it would have been two months since the mother had seen her own daughter. Somewhere between those two points was a loss, a mourning, and a story.

One which Sanja held close to her heart, without anyone to tell. By now she knew she was cursed. The tarn sprawled around her, frigid tangles of withered once-green vine and sedge; and she slogged through it as if arisen from the depths.

Ruined, all of it. Ruined and empty, now.
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This exploration had led him astray. Most places within this new region were teeming with life and vibrancy. 

While the life here was teeming and vibrant it wasn't of the variety he was hoping for. Insects littered everything. The air, the trees, and ground. The floor sank in around his toes and he made a mental note of the horrid hunting conditions this swamp posed. Likely not a resting location or a point of migration even with this... water source... if you could call it that.

Void of decent prey he did manage to stumble upon a lanky dark female. "Hello Miss" he greeted as he took slow steps through the sludge towards her.