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@Rosalyn - for the raid party

had she hands, Qiao would have dusted them; with a certain amount of ceremony only a dignitary could conjure, the woman looked back on her work. Wei had disappeared into the tunnels earlier, but Balakali remained steadfast besides her. the mouth of the warren was properly concealed by the hanging of ferngrove and some other plant Qiao hardly cared to identify - it didn't matter, but its purpose did.

shielded from the prying eyes of the world, the woman rested pleased with their toils. Rohinva nodded sternly but wordlessly besides her, and then in a flit of ember darted into the warren.

tonight was a night they celebrated; their month-long toil had come to end and the fruits of their labor, in the form of highly fermented foods and spirits, would soon be imbibed. looking fondly on her soot-colored comrade, Qiao grinned and then slipped into the warren to make haste her plans to eat and be merry.