The Sunspire Or as an indication, change the dedication
All Welcome  September 16, 2018, 02:17 AM
@Rannoch if you want; I know you wanted a thread, but if you wanted a backdated (at this point?? wat r timelines) one instead, LMK! AW either way, making assumptions about BTS/moar backdated stuff.

There had been decisions made and they hadn't been ones she'd expected.  She was still here and apparently going to be staying, which seemed outright counter to what she'd been planning.  Funny how the world worked that way, but Treason was at least going to give them a chance to fix their errs before she decided to burn down bridges -- and if it went wrong, she was holding @Terance personally responsible.  Speaking of which, he'd headed off on whatever weird adventure to see the kids that probably had been a bit of a bad choice to father at this point.  Maybe while he was there, they'd do something that'd drive a bigger wedge between them and he'd quit fussing.  Treason still found the whole thing stupid, but at least they weren't Sunspire's problem any more -- they could go infest some other land.

Treason herself, though, was just waking up even though it was late in the morning, finally getting up from the spot at the foot of a tree where she'd nestled herself with a good amount of stretching.  With recent hunts being successful, she hadn't wandered as much as she had been in the past, though she was figuring that another adventure was likely pending just so she could keep up her physique if the next hunts weren't so blessed.

Stretch.  Yeah, time to head down to the borders, because even if today wasn't going to be going elsewhere, she should at least do her job.

Treason is often not a nice person and will think mean things without acting on them.
If you aren't sure whether her snarky thoughts might be readable, just ask! IC≠OOC