Redsand Canyon "Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not."
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"Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you."

She did not actively seek them. Yet, they lingered as lengthening shadows amidst the trees in the forest of her mind. 

Her forays from the Vale had become few and far between but still, something sent the ghost adrift in the seas of stone. Anxiety, though she would admit it to none, borne of the precarious situation they balanced upon with Diaspora.

Silently, she searched for signs of oncoming war.

The healer had yet to hear word of any answer regarding her request to confer with the guardian of Arrow Lake nor had she the slightest clue their thoughts of a potential alliance. Ruenna, Mahler, and Aurëwen were the only Diasporans she knew - she rather liked them, despite knowing that she should withdraw her emotions and hold them close to her chest.

Still, as the fae traversed mountains that the conqueror considered his own - she wondered. Liri could go nowhere without her dark eyes searching for a face unfamiliar but one she would surely know, if only by instinct. 

When the day dawned, cool and overcast, the healer slipped from the territory with only the serpent to accompany her. Nayethi had been absent for several weeks, assumedly laying a hatch of snakelets, but Leea had been overjoyed to find the silverscale sunning on a rock in her herb garden several morns before.

The duo would venture south as midday approached - drawn to the warmth of the unexplored Canyon she had yet to venture. On any other summer day, it would have been too much for the northron but the weather had been wet and chilled as of late. 

Gliding amidst the twisted and crumbled spires, the wraith was as out of place as her familiar would have been in the north - a pale spirit of winter and the cold amongst natural castles of sand and heat. 

The völva stuttered to a halt, dark gaze lifted to the red and purple streaked peaks of the mountains overhead with fascination, as Nayethi wound about her neck - testing the dry air with a flickering onyx tongue.
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though he had but a single point of contention in his life, stigmata had saw fit to ignore it for some time now. a costly luxury that the tungsten general felt he could afford given the quiet circumstances. the wolves of the vale had not disturbed him or diaspora aside from their incessant lingering, but this in itself was inconsequential, given both their distance and the presence of more pressing subjects...

but with the arrival of takiyok's brother, and his subsequent post as an additional guard for his young, the warwolf felt more inclined to leave his home to check on the state of his territorial affairs. he told no one where he was going, but weaved out of arrow lake with the intention of parlaying on his own with the vale founders. he had to see for himself what he thought of them -- and decide once and for all how he should go about maintaining diaspora's creed.

he was coming near to the other end of the quickly warming canyon when he spotted her: a slim, pale figure that stuck out like a sore thumb, and stood on just three legs. liri -- alone and alert, bearing the curious expressions of all explorers.

the shadow did not watch her long before starting his descent, steadily closing the distance as he wove along the thin, wind-blasted seams of redsand. "who are you?" he called to confirm, when he had come close enough to be heard without shouting, and he stalled into a poised stance as he looked her over; eyes narrowing upon the silver creature coiled about her neck like a collar. he had never seen such a thing before, but this was his first time experiencing an amputee leader as well, so he wasn't sure what exactly he wanted to be most perplexed about.
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Her gaze canted along unhurried, only to pause when it landed upon the argent man - approaching with a predatory gait, somewhere between the prowl of a jaguar and the brawl of a bear. 

Liri's auds fluttered to life curiously to capture his call as he drew to a halt some undecided feet away. Her tail rose to her hips and swung idly in welcome though his stance screamed dominance, leader. 

"Liri," the fae answered simply, dipping her peppered crown to him once as the serpent fixated an unwavering stare upon her company. 

His scent was carried to her upon the harsh and dusty winds, one that was fast becoming familiar. 

"You must be Stigmata," she surmised in a soft muse, offering him a polite smile. 

There was confusion in his gaze though no sign of revulsion yet, for which she supposed she must be grateful. The healer bit down on her tongue slightly, concealing a vaguely amused grin. 

How odd she must look to this proclaimed conqueror.