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Lone Wolves

Almost as soon as he left them behind, Lucas regretted his decision. Laurel had begged him not to go and Indra had tried to reason with him, but all he was thinking about at the time was his aunt's crestfallen expression when Terance revealed that Merrick was gone. Laurel knew he was well, she knew where Piper was and she knew that Wyatt was gone for good; surely she didn't need him as badly as Indra needed him to find Merrick.

Of course, he didn't know the trauma his mother was dealing with. So while she and Marten were off visiting a resident pack to seek entry, Lucas left quietly to search for Merrick. But in leaving, he had overlooked the immensity of searching for one wolf in as massive a land as the Teekon Wilds, and he didn't make it very far before the enormity of the task he set himself began to get the better of him. A few days later saw Lucas rationalizing that he could stay with his mom and search for Merrick on the side, and he turned right around and went back.

By then his family had moved on, but since he wasn't aware of it—it was ludicrous to him that another pack could turn them away, so they had to be here—he stopped outside of the Swiftcurrent pack's claim and crooned a low note for the leaders.
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Swiftcurrent Creek
aditya wasn't a leader, but he had been tasked with recruiting new members to the ranks of this pack. their place here was still tenuous, dependent on their duty, and he would see it through. they would make this creek their home, and leave the shadows of the past behind. and yet, the voice that called seemed so familiar. . .

lucas? he called out upon seeing the youth, almost not believing his eyes. not a shadow, but real flesh and blood, right there. a wolf associated with a better part of his life—well, a wolf he had not screwed over, at least not to the extent he'd screwed others. the storm had driven them apart, but that was nature's bluff, not his.

a smile broke over his face as he trotted toward the border. i was worried for you, when i couldn't find you during the sea storm, aditya said fervently, sucking in a breath. how are you, bhai? for he was no longer baccha; young as he was, lucas was pretty much a man now, not the kid adi—govinda—had once met on the cliffs.
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Lone Wolves

Lucas never forgot a face. It was something he prided himself on, but for once he had to really think about who was approaching him. The man knew his name, so they'd obviously met before, and yet for a few long seconds Lucas couldn't think of who this was. It came to him just as Aditya mentioned the storm that split the wolves of Parivaar apart and he picked his tail up into a jovial wag. Govinda!

He was lacking the salt in his fur. That was it. Lucas had once mistaken it for white markings, which explained why he didn't recognize Adi sooner. I'm well, he answered, beaming. I thought you left! He said it without accusation, retaining instead a glad twinkle in his eye to see the man again. He'd very nearly called Govinda his leader, and perhaps things would have turned out quite differently if he remained on the shore. Alas, though he found commitment tedious and was eerily alike his grandfather in that respect, right now his selfish wants aligned with his family's.

I'm glad you're all right, he said. I went to a nearby island after the storm, then reunited with my family. They were trying to join here, I think. I went looking for someone but I'm back now. The rest was all just boring detail. Instead, Lucas asked, what brought you here?