Sun Mote Copse thick water
November 13, 2019, 08:57 AM
hoping for a @Finley or @Elwood thread, but pm me if you don't have time and i'll just change it to AW. <3

Things'd been tough this fall. Even before the first frost arrived Eljay was thinned down by the lack of large prey. He just needed to hold on, pull through, he knew this. He'd been here before, after all, last time that things'd got rough. Summer, that time. The lands had recovered before winter that time, though, and now it looked like they were going into winter without a lot of food to spare. Eljay wasn't too sure if he could hold on through the entire winter, but he knew if he survived it, he'd be alright come spring. Just like last time. Caring for his siblings'd pulled him through then, and caring for his sensitive bright child Weejay would pull him through now. He was grateful that at least one of them still needed him, even despite all his flaws and failures, and despite losing Elfie.

Eljay was searching through the Copse looking for prey, but more than anything else, what he was really looking for was a way to deal with Elfie. A way to deal with Elfie that didn't result in hating himself. Maybe mommy or daddy had advice. They'd raised so many children together. Then again, many of those'd left, too. What if they said it was simply a part of life? And what if it was a part of life? Eljay was not sure he wanted to just accept that his own son would never respect or love him in the way he hoped when becoming a father.