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Dragomir was blissfully unaware of recent events on the mountain, so he didn't know that it was pointless to rise early in order to find Arcturus and propose a hunt. Limber legs carried him up and down the face of the mountain where the Beta could most frequently be found, then higher up to the summit before he finally dipped below the treeline come noon. A quick howl here and there requested the man's presence, but went unanswered. He eventually found his way to the borders, where the scent of the Beta was conspicuously faded, and only then did he acknowledge that something was seriously amiss.

It wouldn't be unusual for Arcturus to leave the territory, but to do so long enough for his scent to fade...? Troubled, Dragomir backtracked up toward the craggy ridges, every inch of him exuding concern from the flare of his ruff to the knit of his brows. All thoughts of a hunt were chased from his head and replaced by worry and grim curiosity. Where was Arcturus?

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March 27, 2020, 08:57 PM
Lone Wolves

He had been resting, doing what Kukutux willed for him as she knew how to mend him. It was difficult for Revui this time around. He did not have a broken limb to keep him tethered as he had in the pit, although his various scrapes and bites were only beginning to mend. He had chosen to sequester himself among some large ferns. With the medicine woman's help the pair had cleared away enough space for him to nest and so he circled and planted himself, but he was constantly shifting and exacerbating the wounds across his face and shoulders. Most prominent was the chunk that Arcturus had tried to render from his hip—this he had to be wary of, and on more than one occasion leaned too far in to it. All in all, Revui was in a sour mood.

The warrior felt the weakness of defeat and he did not like it, but it wasn't the worst thing. He was irked that his challenge had been intercepted and could not help but linger upon those moments in his memory — the words of the Queen were muddied but the sight of her teeth flying at him was clear, playing on a loop while he tried to rest. This all ceased when the sound of someone striding through the woods drew Revui's attention.

As he lifted his head (too quickly, his neck wounds screaming) he was distracted by the youthful silhouette of the dark wolf, and thought it was Arcturus, returning for a rematch. A low rumble began in his chest and he kept his eyes fixated upon the shape as it drew closer — but then when it veered along the ridge a few more feet and overshot where Revui was laying, he relaxed somewhat.

The woods have always been filled with these soft doe-eyed things;
with hearts beating for the arrow, the bullet, the lance.

I have always been the huntsman.